Uttara Kanda: Chapter 60

तयोः संवदतोरेवं रामलक्ष्मणयोस्तदा। वासन्तिकी निशा प्राप्ता न शीता न च धर्मदा॥
As Rama and Laksmana were (daily) engaged. in conversing thus, the vernal night; neither hot nor cold, came on.

ततः प्रभाते विमले कृतपूर्वाहिणकक्रियः। अभिचक्राम काकुत्स्थो दर्शनं पौरकार्यवित्॥
And it came to pass that one bright morning, after having performed his first diurnal rites, Käkutstha, understanding the ways of the citizens, became anxious to present himself at a spot when he could observe the citizens.

ततः सुमन्त्रस्त्वागम्य राघवं वाक्यमब्रवीत्। एते प्रतिहता राजन्द्वारि तिष्ठन्ति तापसाः॥ भार्गवं च्यवनं चैव पुरस्कृत्य महर्षयः। दर्शनं ते महाराज चोदयन्ति कृतत्वराः॥ प्रीयमाणा नरव्याघ्र यमुनातीरवासिनः। तस्य तद्वचनं श्रुत्वा रामः प्रोवाच धर्मवित्॥ प्रवेश्यन्तां महाभागा भार्गवप्रमुखा द्विजाः।
At this time Sumantra, entering, addressed him, saying, “O king, stopped at the gate, some ascetic stay there, Maharsis, led by Bhargava and Cyavana. And, O mighty monarch, eager for a sight of you, those dwellers on the banks of the Yamunā, well pleased, have despatched me (hither), O tiger among men.” Hearing his words, the righteous Rāma answered: “Let the exalted Brāhmaṇas leaded by Bhārgava, enter."

राज्ञस्त्वाज्ञां पुरस्कृत्य द्वाः स्थो मूर्धा कृताञ्जलिः॥ प्रवेशयामास तदा तापसान्सुदुरासदान्।
Thereat, honouring the royal mandate, the warder with joined hands brought those ascetics difficult of being approached.

शतं समधिकं तत्र दीप्यमानं स्वतेजसा॥ प्रविष्टं राजभवनं तापसानां महात्मनाम्। ते द्विजाः पूर्णकलशैः सर्वतीर्थाम्बुसत्कृतः॥ गृहीत्वा फलमूलं च रामस्याभ्याहरन्बहु। प्रतिगृह्य तु तत्सर्वं रामः प्रीतिपुरस्कृतः॥ तीर्थोदकानि सर्वाणि फलानि विविधानि च। उवाच च महाबाहुः सर्वानेव महामुनीन्॥
And numbering over an hundred, flaming up in their native effulgence, those high-souled anchorites entered the royal residence. And they presented Rāma with various fruits in profusion and vessels filled with sanctified waters of all holy spots. Thereupon, accepting the waters of the holy places as well as the various kinds of fruit, that mighty-armed one spoke to the mighty ascetics.

इमान्यासनमुख्यानि यथार्हमुपविश्यताम्। रामस्य भाषितं श्रुत्वा सर्व एव महर्षयः॥
"Do you agreeably to desert take these seats." Hearing Rāma's speech, all the Maharşis sat down on those graceful and elegant golden seats.

बृसीषु रुचिराख्यासु निषेदुः काञ्चनीषु ते। उपविष्टानृषीस्तत्र दृष्ट्वा परपुरंजयः। प्रयतः प्राञ्जलिर्भूत्वा राघवो वाक्यमब्रवीत्॥
And seeing the saints seated there, that captor of hostile capitals Rāghava, restraining himself, with joined hands, observed.

किमागमनकार्य वः किं करोमि समाहितः। आज्ञाप्योऽहं महर्षीणां सर्वकामकरः सुखम्॥
What is the reason of your visit? What shall I heedfully perform for you? I am worthy of being commanded by the Maharşis; and I must without demur compass every pleasure of theirs.

इदं राज्यं च सकलं जीवितं च हृदि स्थितम्। सर्वमेतद् द्विजार्थं मे सत्यमेतद्ब्रवीमि वः॥
And this entire monarchy, and the life that is resident in my heart, all these are for the regenerate ones. This I tell you in the name of truth.

तस्य तद्वचनं श्रुत्वा साधुकारो महानभूत्। ऋषीणामुग्रतपसां यमुनातीरवासिनाम्॥
Hearing his words, the sages of fierce austerities inhabiting the banks of the Yamunā, broke out into a peal of plandits.

ऊचुश्चैव महात्मानो हर्षेण महता वृताः। उपपत्रं नरश्रेष्ठ तवैव भुवि नान्यतः॥
And those high-souled ones, exceedingly rejoiced, said: On earth, O crown of men, this can only be expected from you and nobody else.

बहवः पार्थिवा राजन्नातिक्रान्ता महाबलाः। कार्यस्य गौरवं मत्वा प्रतिज्ञां नाभ्यरोचयन्॥
Many kings wielding great power have passed away who, having regard to the (possible) gravity of the undertaking, could not bring themselves to promise anything before hand.

त्वया पुनर्ब्राह्मणगौरवादियं कृता प्रतिज्ञा ह्यनवेक्ष्य कारणम्। ततश्च कर्ता ह्यसि नात्र संशयो महाभयात्त्रातुमृषींस्त्वमर्हसि ॥
But, without knowing the task, you have bound yourself by a promise for the glory of the Brahmanas. And you, without doubt, will succeed in effecting the work; and it behove you to deliver the sages from a mighty fright.