Ayodhya Kanda: Chapter 95

अथ शैलाद् विनिष्क्रम्य मैथिली कोशलेश्वरः। अदर्शयच्छुभजलां रम्यां मन्दाकिनी नदीम्॥
Then going out of the mountain, the Lord of Kosala showed to Mithila's daughter the charming stream Mandākini of excellent waters.

अब्रवीच्च वरारोहां चन्द्रचारुनिभाननाम्। विदेहराजस्य सुतां रामो राजीवलोचनः॥
And Rāma, furnished with eyes resembling lotuses, addressed the daughter of king Videha, transcendentally beautiful, with a countenance like the fair moon, saying.

विचित्रपुलिनां रम्यां हंससारससेविताम्। कुसुमैरुपसम्पन्नां पश्य मन्दाकिनी नदीम्॥ नानाविधैस्तीररुहैर्वृतां पुष्पफलदुमैः। राजन्ती राजराजस्य नलिनीमिव सर्वतः॥
Behold the river Mandākini, having variegated islets; beautiful; frequented by ducks and cranes; and filled with flowers; covered with diverse trees bearing fruits and flowers; and looking graceful all round like Saughandhikā herself of Kuvera.

मृगयूथनिपीतानि कलुषाम्भांसि साम्प्रतम्। तीर्थानि रमणीयानि रतिं संजनयन्ति मे॥
And the waters rendered muddy in consequence of herds of deer drinking of them, as well as the graceful descents to the river, fill me with pleasure.

जटाजिनधराः काले वल्कलोत्तरवाससः। ऋषयस्त्ववगाहन्ते नदीं मन्दाकिनी प्रिये॥
And, my beloved sages wearing matted locks and deer-skins, with barks for their sheets, are in season performing their ablutions in the river Mandakini.

आदित्यमुपतिष्ठन्ते नियमादूर्ध्वबाहवः। एते परे विशालाक्षि मुनयः संशितव्रताः॥
And observing rules, persons raising up their arms, are worshipping the sun, and, O you of expansive eyes, after these appear ascetics following vows, (engaged if Tapa)

मारुतोद्धृतशिखरैः प्रनृत्त इव पर्वतः। पादपैः पुष्पपत्राणि सृजद्भिरभितो नदीम्॥
And the hill seems to dance on the wind swaying the tops of tree; and on both sides of the river, the trees are crowned with flowers and leaves.

क्वचिन्मणिनिकाशोदां क्वचित् पुलिनशालीनीम्। क्पाचेत् सिद्धजनाकीर्णां पश्य मन्दाकिनी नदीम्॥
And behold the river Mandakini, somewhere with its waters resembling pearls, and somewhere with islets, and somewhere filled with persons who have attained emancipation.

निर्धूतान् वायुना पश्य विततान् पुष्पसंचयान्। पोप्लूयमानानपरान् पश्य त्वं तनुमध्यमे॥
O you of slender waist, behold these hosts of flowers spreading along, and others dipping themselves (in the stream).

पश्यैतद्वल्गुवचसो रथाङ्गाह्वयना द्विजाः। अधिरोहन्ति कल्याणि निष्कूजन्तः शुभा गिरः॥
And, O auspicious one, behold these sweetthroated birds, the Chakravākas, getting upon the islets, uttering pleasant notes.

दर्शनं चित्रकूटस्य मन्दाकिन्याश्च शोभने। अधिकं पुरवासाच्च मन्ये तव च दर्शनात्॥
Methinks, O beauteous one, the sight of Citrakuta and of Mandakini is even more delightful than life in the metropolis, or the sight of your own self.

विधूतकल्मषैः सिद्धैस्तपोदमशमान्वितैः। नित्यविक्षोभितजलां विगाहस्व मया सह ॥
Do you like to her companion perform your bath with me in this stream, whose waters are perpetually stirred by emancipated ones, furnished with asceticism, self-restraint, and control over the senses, who have had their sins removed.

सखीवच्च विगाहस्व सीते मन्दाकिनी नदीम्। कमलान्यवमज्जन्ती पुष्कराणि च भामिनि॥
Do you, O Sītā, perform your ablutions in the Mandākinī, scattering at the sometime, O girl, red and white lotuses.

त्वं पौरजनवद् व्यालानयोध्यामिव पर्वतम्। मन्यस्व वनिते नित्यं सरयूवदिमां नदीम्॥
Do you, my wife, always consider the wild animals as citizens, the mountain as Ayodhyā, and this stream as the Sarayū.

लक्ष्मणश्चैव धर्मात्मा मनिदेशे व्यवस्थितः। त्वं चानुकूला वैदेहि प्रीतिं जनयती मम॥
The virtuous Lakşmaņa is ever obedient to my commands; and, O Videha's daughter, you also are favourable to me.

उपस्पृशंत्रिषवणं मधुमूलफलाशनः। नायोध्यायै न राज्याय स्पृहये च त्वया सह ॥
This causes delight in my heart. Bathing thrice (in this river), and living on tasteful fruits and roots, I in your company do not today wish either for Ayodhyā or royalty.

इमां हि रम्यां गजयूथलोडितां निपीततोयां गजसिंहवानरैः। सुपुष्पितां पुष्पभरैरलंकृतां न सोऽस्ति यः स्यान्न गतक्लमः सुखी॥
Bathing in this beauteous stream agitated by herds of elephants, whose waters are drunk by elephants, lions and monkeys, which is graced with flowers, and which is decked with multitudes of blossoms, there is not one who has not his fatigue removed, and who does not feel exhilarated.

इतीव रामो बहुसंगतं वचः प्रियासहायः सरितं प्रति ब्रुवन्। चचार रम्यं नयनाअनप्रभं स चित्रकूटं रघुवंशवर्धनः॥
Having thus along with his beloved one, spoken variously regarding the stream, that perpetuator of the Raghu race, began to range the charming Citrakuța, resembling the collyrium in hue.