Ayodhya Kanda: Chapter 38

तस्यां चीरं वसानायां नाथवत्यामनाथवत्। प्रचुक्रोश जनः सर्वो धिक् त्वां दशरथं त्विति ॥
When Şītā, having a husband although seeming as if she had none, was putting on the ascetic guise, the people got into a wrath and exclaimed, “O Dasaratha, fie on you!"

तेन तत्र प्रणादेन दुःखितः स महीपतिः। चिच्छेद जीविते श्रद्धां धर्मे यशसि चात्मनः॥ स निःश्वस्योष्णमैक्ष्वाकस्तां भार्यामिदमब्रवीत्। कैकेयि कुशचीरेण न सीता गन्तुमर्हति॥
Aggrieved at the uproar that arose there in consequence, the lord of earth banished from his heart all regard for life, virtue, and fame. And sighing hot, that descendant of Ikşvāku spoke to that wife of his, saying, O Kaikeyi, Sītā deserves not to go in a Kuća dress.

सुकुमारी च बाला च सततं च सुखोचिता। नेयं वनस्य योग्येति सत्यमाह गुरुर्मम ॥
Tender, and youthful, and worthy of happiness, she is by no means capable of living in the forest. My spiritual guide has spoken the truth.

इयं हि कस्यापि करोति किंचित् तपस्विनी राजवरस्य पुत्री। या चीरमासाद्य वनस्य मध्ये जाता विसंज्ञा श्रमणीव काचित्॥
Whom has this one injured that, being the daughter of the foremost of kings, she like a female ascetic, wearing a meagre garb in the presence of all, will (repair to the woods and) remain there like a beggar destitute of everything?

चीराण्यपास्याज्जनकस्य कन्या नेयं प्रतिज्ञा मम दत्तपूर्वा। यथासुखं गच्छतु राजपुत्री वनं समग्रा सह सर्वरत्नैः॥
Let Janaka's daughter leave off her ascetic guise. This is not the promise that I had made to you before. Let the princess go to the forest in comfort, furnished with all sorts of gems.

अजीवनाहेण मया नृशंसा कृता प्रतिज्ञा नियमेन तावत्। त्वया हि बाल्यात् प्रतिपन्नमेतत् तन्मा दहेद् वेणुमिवात्मपुष्पम्॥
My sands run out; by me has this cruel promise been made with an oath. But this (exile of Sītä) has been thought of by you through your ignorance. Let it not, however, consume you like a bamboo flower destroying the bamboo.

रामेण यदि ते पापे किंचित्कृतमशोभनम्। अपकारः क इह ते वैदेह्या दर्शितोऽधमे॥
If, O wicked woman, Rāma has happened to do you something unbeautiful, what wrong, O base wretch, has Vaidehi done you in the world?

मृगीवोत्फुल्लनयना मृदुशीला मनस्विनी। अपकारं कमिव ते करोति जनकात्मजा॥
Of eyes expanded like those of a doe, endued with a mild temperament, and virtuous, what harm has Janaka's daughter done you.

ननु पर्याप्तमेवं ते पापे रामविवासनम्। किमेभिः कृपणैर्भूयः पातकैरपि ते कृतैः॥
Surely, O nefarious one, the banishment of Ráma is enough for you. Why then do you bend your mind to perpetrate these atrocious sins?

प्रतिज्ञातं मया तावत् त्वयोक्तं देवि शृण्वता। रामं यदभिषेकाय त्वमिहागतमब्रवीः॥
O noble dame, having heard you asking for the banishment of Rāma, who had at first been intended by me for being installed, and who came here afterwards, I had promised you (his exile alone.)

तत्त्वेतत् समतिक्रम्य निरयं गन्तुमिच्छसि। मैथिलीमपि या हि त्वमीक्षसे चीरवासिनीम्॥
But since, going beyond that promise of mine, you behold Mithala's daughter dressed in mendicant garb, surely you wish to find your way to hell.

एवं ब्रुवन्तं पितरं रामः सम्प्रस्थितो वनम्। अवाक्शिरसमासीनमिदं वचनमब्रवीत्॥
Thus commissioned to the forest, Räma who was seated sealing his lips, said.

इयं धार्मिक कौसल्या मम माता यशस्विनी। वृद्धा चाक्षुद्रशीला च न च त्वां देव गर्हते॥ मया विहीनां वरद प्रपन्नां शोकसागरम्। अदृष्टपूर्वव्यसनां भूयः सम्मन्तुमर्हसि ॥
O righteous one, this my mother is aged and famous and of lofty spirit. May she not meet with improper treatment at your hands! It behoves you, O bestower of boons, to show greater honour to her when she shall be deprived of me and be plunged into a sea of grief and afflicted with unprecedented woe.

पुत्रशोकं यथा नछेत् त्वया पूज्येन पूजिता। मां हि संचिन्तयन्ती सा त्वयि जीवेत् तपस्विनी॥ इमां महेन्द्रोपम जातगर्धिनी तथा विधातुं जननी ममार्हसि। यथा वनस्थे मयि शोककर्शिता न जीवितं न्यस्य यमक्षयं व्रजेत्॥
O you comparable to the mighty Indra, you should so behove with my mother smitten with my separation, that exercised by grief in consequence of my residence in the forest, she may not, renouncing life, repair to the mansions of Yama.