Ayodhya Kanda: Chapter 35

ततो निधूय सहसा शिरो निःश्वस्य चासकृत्। पाणिं पाणौ विनिष्पिष्य दन्तान् कटकटाय्य च॥ लोचने कोपसंरक्ते वर्णं पूर्वोचितं जहत्। कोपाभिभूतः सहसा संतापमशुभं गतः॥ मनः समीक्षमाणश्च सूतो दशरथस्य च। कम्पयन्निव कैकेय्या हृदयं वाक्शरैः शितैः॥ वाक्यवत्रैरनुपमैर्निर्भिन्दन्निव चाशुभैः। कैकेय्याः सर्वमर्माणि सुमन्त्रः प्रत्यभाषत।४।।
Then shaking his head and sighing again and again, pressing palm upon palm and grinding teeth upon teeth, with eyes reddened in wrath and an altered complexion, and suddenly waxing angry and moved with grief, Sumantra witnessing the mental condition of Daſaratha said, shaking Kaikeyi's heart with the sharpened shafts of his speech and piercing her mind all over with his harsh words resembling thunderbolts.

यस्यास्तव पतिस्त्यक्तो राजा दशरथः स्वयम्। भर्ता सर्वस्य जगतः स्थावरस्य चरस्य च॥ नाकार्यतमं किंचित्तव देवीह विद्यते। पतिघ्नीं त्वामहं मन्ये कुलघ्नीमपि चान्ततः॥
O worshipful one, since you have forsaken king Dasaratha, the maintainer of this world and the mobile and the immobile that it contains, there is nothing that is incapable of being done by you. I consider you the murderess of your husband and as one that has finally exterminated one's line.

यन्महेन्द्रमिवाजय्यं दुष्प्रकम्प्यमिवाजलम्। महोदधिमिवाक्षोभ्यं संतापयसि कर्मभिः॥
Inasmuch as you have by your act afflicted the Monarch invincible like Indra, firm as a hill and imperturbable like the deep itself.

मावमंस्था दशरथं भर्तारं वरदं पतिम्। भर्तुरिच्छा हि नारीणां पुत्रकोट्या विशिष्यते॥
You ought not to bring down your boonbestowing lord and husband Daśaratha; for surely the wish of a husband to a wife outweighs a koti of sons.

यथावयो हि राज्यानि प्राप्नुवन्ति नृपक्षये। इक्ष्वाकुकुलनाथेऽस्मिस्तं लोपयितुमिच्छसि।।।
The princes will obtain the kingdom one after another according to age;, this custom it is your study to render nugatory even when the lord of the Ikşvāku race is still alive.

राजा भवतु ते पुत्रो भरतः शास्तु मेदिनीम्। वयं तत्र गमिष्यामो यत्र रामो गमिष्यति॥
Let your son be king; let Bharata rule the earth: we, however, will go where goes Ráma.

न च ते विषये कश्चिद् ब्राह्मणो वस्तुमर्हति। तादृशं त्वममर्यादमद्य कर्म करिष्यसि॥
No Brāhmaṇa will dwell in your dominion, such is the ungracious deed you are going to do. [Surely we will go the way that is wended by Rama.

नूनं सर्वे गमिष्यामो मार्ग रामनिषेवितम्। त्यक्ता या बान्धवैः सर्वैर्ब्राह्मणैः साधुभिः सदा॥ का प्रीती राज्यलाभेन तव देवि भविष्यति। तादृशं त्वममर्यादं कर्म कर्तुं चिकीर्षसि ॥
And what happiness, O revered one, will you, forsaken by friends, Brāhmaṇas and the saintly, reap by remaining here, allured by the lust of dominion? And you are going to do such an act!]

आश्चर्यमिव पश्यामि यस्यास्ते वृत्तमीदृशम्। आचरन्त्या न विदृता सद्यो भवति मेदिनी॥
A wonder it is that I perceive, viz., that the carth hid by a character like you is not riven this very day.

महाब्रह्मर्षिसृष्टा वा ज्वलन्तो भीमदर्शनाः। धिग्वाग्दण्डा न हिंसन्ति रामप्रव्राजने स्थिताम्॥
Why does not the flaming and dreadful censure uttered by the mighty Brahmarşis destroy you who are bent upon banishing Rāma?

आनं छित्वा कुठारेण निम्बं परिचरेत् तु कः। यश्चैनं पयसा सिञ्चेन्नैवास्य मधुरो भवेत्॥
Who having hewn a mango tree by his axe, tend a Nimba? It never turns sweet for him that waters it.

आभिजात्यं हि ते मन्ये यथा मातुस्तथैव च। न हि निम्बात् स्रवेत् क्षौद्रं लोके निगदितं वचः॥
Your birth is noble indeed; it is as much so as is your mother's. They say that sweet is never extracted from Nimba.

तव मातुरसग्राहं विद्म पूर्वं यथा श्रुतम्। पितुस्ते वरदः कश्चिद् ददौ वरमनुत्तमम्॥
I remember what I have heard from old men concerning the vicious inclinations of your mother. Some one intent upon conferring boons conferred an excellent one on your father.

सर्वभूतरुतं तस्मात् संजज्ञे वसुधाधिपः। तेन तिर्यग्गतानां च भूतानां विदितं वचः॥
In virtue of this, that lord of earth could understand the import of sounds emitted by all beings, and it is in consequence of this that he could understand the speech even of birds and beasts.

ततो जम्भस्य शयने विरुताद् भूरिवर्चसः। पितुस्ते विदितो भावः स तत्र बहुधाहसत्॥
One day as your father was lying down, he, understanding the thoughts of a gold-hued Jrmbha bird, from its cries, laughed heartily.

तत्र ते जननी क्रुद्धा मृत्युपाशमभीप्सती। हासं ते नृपते सौम्य जिज्ञासामीति चाब्रवीत्॥
Thereat your mother getting angry, wishing for the noose of death, said, 'O king, O placid one, I ask you for the reason of your daughter.'

नृपश्चोवाच तां देवीं हासं शंसामि ते यदि। ततो मे मरणं सद्यो भविष्यति न संशयः॥
The king replied, 'O worshipful lady, if I unfold to you the reason of my laugh, then I shall without doubt die to day.'

माता ते पितरं देवि पुनः केकयमब्रवीत्। शंस मे जीव वा मा वा न मां त्वं प्रहसिष्यसि॥
But that revered one, your mother, again urged Kekaya, saying, 'Tell it to me, whether you live or die; for (when I have learnt all about it), you will not be able to laugh at me again.

प्रियया च तथोक्तः सः केकयः पृथिवीपतिः। तस्मै तं वरदायार्थं कथयामास तत्त्वतः॥
Thus addressed by his beloved spouse, that lord of earth Kekaya went to the saint that had conferred the boon on him and related to him everything faithfully.

ततः स वरदः साधू राजानं प्रत्यभाषत। म्रियतां ध्वंसतां वेयं मा शंसीस्त्वं महीपते॥
Thereupon that boon-giving saint said to the king; “Whether this one kills herself or be destroyed, do you not, O king, reveal it."

स तच्छ्रुत्वा वचस्तस्य प्रसन्नमनसो नृपः। मातरं ते निरस्याशु विजहार कुबेरवत्॥
Hearing these words of his, the king well pleased summarily forsook your mother and began to divert himself like Kuvera.

तथा त्वमपि राजानं दुर्जनाचरिते पथि। असद्ग्राहमिमं मोहात् कुरुषे पापदर्शिनी॥
Even in the same way, you, O you that see only evil, staying in an unrighteous course, befouling the king's sense, endeavour to make him commit this wrong.

सत्यश्चात्र प्रवादोऽयं लौकिकः प्रतिभाति मा। पितॄन् समनुजायन्ते नरा मातरमङ्गनाः॥
In this connection I remember a saying, viz., men take after their fathers, and women their mothers.

नैवं भव गृहाणेदं यदाह वसुधाधिपः। भर्तुरिच्छामुपास्येह जनस्यास्य गतिर्भव॥
Do not be so, do you even accept what the lord of earth says. Doing the will of your lord, do you become the refuge of us all.

मा त्वं प्रोत्साहिता पापैर्देवराजसमप्रभम्। भर्तारं लोकभर्तारमसद्धर्ममुपादघ ॥
Do not incited by evil propensities, make your husband, the lord of men endued with the prowess of the celestial chief, perpetrate an unrighteous deed.

नहि मिथ्या प्रतिज्ञातं करिष्यति तवानघः। श्रीमान् दशरथो राजा देवि राजीवलोचनः॥ ज्येष्ठो वदान्यः कर्मण्यः स्वधर्मस्यापि रक्षिता। रक्षिता जीवलोकस्य बली रामोऽभिषिच्यताम्॥ परिवादो हि ते देवि महाँल्लोके चरिष्यति। यदि रामो वनं याति विहाय पितरं नृपम्॥
That sinless one will not for certain give práctical effect to the promise jestingly made by you. ) worshipful one, king Dasaratha is graceful, being furnished with eyes resembling lotuses. Let him install his eldest son, Rāma generous and able, maintaining his own religion, the protector of all men and endued with might. O revered lady, great is the obloquy that will spread concerning you, if leaving his royal father, Rāma repair to the forest.

स्वराज्यं राघवः पातु भव त्वं विगतज्वरा। नहि ते राघवादन्यः क्षमः पुरवरे वसन्॥
Let therefore Rāghava govern his kingdom; and do you remove your agitation. Surely save Rāghava none residing in the kingdom will prove friendly to you.

रामे हि यौवराज्यस्थे राजा दशरथो वनम्। प्रवेक्ष्यति महेष्वासः पूर्ववृत्तमनुस्मरन्॥
On Rāma being installed as the heir-apparent, that best of bowmen, king Dasaratha, will depart for the forest, remembering ancient examples.

इति सान्त्वैश्च तीक्ष्णैश्च कैकेयी राजसंसदि। भूयः संक्षोभयामास सुमन्त्रस्तु कृताञ्जलिः॥ नैव सा क्षुभ्यते देवी न च स्म परिदूयते । न चास्या मुखवर्णस्य लक्ष्यते विक्रिया तदा॥
Thus in presence of the king, Sumantra with clasped palms, with soft yet cutting words endeavoured to strike Kaikeyi with regret. But that noble dame did not feel any compunction, nor was she touched 'with regret. And the complexion of her countenance remained as it was before.