The eulogy to Vishnu,

धृतराष्ट्र उवाच भयं मे सुमहज्जातं विस्मयश्चैव संजय। श्रुत्वा पाण्डुकुमाराणां कर्म देवैः सुदुष्करम्॥
Dhritarashtra said Hearing of those feats achieved by the sons of Pandu-feats which are difficult of being achieved even by the celestial themselves, O Sanjaya, I have been filled with apprehension and amazement.

पुत्राणां च पराभावं श्रुत्वा संजय सर्वशः। चिन्ता मे महती सूत भविष्यति कथं त्विति॥
Hearing also of the humiliation of my sons in every way. O Sanjaya, I have been seized by a burning anxiety as to what the finale (of this war) will be.

ध्रुवं विदुरवाक्यानि धक्ष्यन्ति हृदयं मम। यथा हि दृश्यते सर्वं दैवयोगेन संजय॥
The prophecy of Vidura does consume my heart; and, O Sanjaya, I see that through the influence of (adverse) destiny every thing is happening even as he had said.

यत्र भीष्पमुखान् सर्वाञ्छस्त्रज्ञानं योधसत्तमान्। पाण्डवानामनीकेषु योधयन्ति प्रहारिणः॥
The smiters of the Pandava hosts are battling with those foremost of warriors headed by Bhishma, who are endued with heroism and accomplished in (the use of) all weapons.

केनावध्या महात्मानः पाण्डुपुत्रा महाबलाः। केन दत्तवरास्तात किं वा ज्ञानं विदन्ति ते॥
What asceticism those high-souled and greatly powerful sons of Pandu have observed, what boon, O child, have they secured, what knowledge have they cultivated,

येन क्षयं न गच्छन्ति दिवि तारागणा इव। पुनः पुनर्न मृष्यामि हतं सैन्यं तु पाण्डवैः।
In consequences of which they suffer no reduction, like the stars in the firmament? I can not bear the repeated slaughter of my warriors by the sons of Pandu.

मय्येव दण्डः पतति दैवात् परमदारुणः। यथाऽवध्याः पाण्डुसुता यथा वध्याश्च मे सुताः॥ एतन्मे सर्वमाचक्ष्व याथातथ्येन संजय। न हि पारं प्रपश्यामि दुःखस्यास्य कथंचन॥
Through the disposal of Destiny, a highly severe chastisement has overtaken me alone. Tell me truly, O Sanjaya, every thing, about why my sons have become liable to slaughter and why the sons of Pandus have been exempted from it. I can not discern, O afflicter of your enemies, the termination of this ocean of distress.

समुद्रस्येव महतो भुजाभ्यां प्रतरन् नरः। पुत्राणां व्यसनं मन्ये ध्रुवं प्राप्तं सुदारुणम्॥
Like a man desirous of swimming over the vast sea with his two arms. I now certainly see that a terrible calamity has overtaken my sons.

घातयिष्यति मे सर्वान् पुत्रान् भीमो न संशयः। न हि पश्यामि तं वीरं यो मे रक्षेत् सुतान् रणे॥
No doubt, Bhima will slay all my sons. I do not find that hero who can protect my sons in battle.

ध्रुवं विनाशः सम्प्राप्तः पुत्राणां मम संजय। तस्मान्मे कारणं सूत शक्तिं चैव विशेषतः॥ पृच्छतो वै यथातत्त्वं सर्वमाख्यातुमर्हसि। दुर्योधनश्च यच्चक्रे दृष्ट्वा स्वान् विमुखान् रणे॥
The destruction of my sons in battle is certain, O Sanjaya. Therefore, O Suta, it behaves you to tell me who am questioning you, in detail and truly, the real cause of these events, as also, what Duryodhana did, seeing his own troops turn their face away from the field of battle.

भीष्मद्रोणौ कृपश्चैव सौबलश्च जयद्रथः। द्रौणिर्वाऽपि महेष्वासो विकर्णो वा महाबलः॥
Bhishma, Drona, Kripa and the son of Subala, and Jayadratha, and the mighty bowman the son of Drona, and the mighty Vikarna, what did all these warriors do?

निश्चयो वापि कस्तेषां तदा ह्यासीन्महात्मनाम्। विमुखेषु महाप्राज्ञ मम पुत्रेषु संजय॥
What, O highly wise one, the resolution of these high-souled warriors, when, O Sanjaya, my sons turned away their faces from the field? was

संजय उवाच शृणु राजन्नवहितः श्रुत्वा चैवावधारय। नैव मन्त्रकृतं किंचिन्नैव मायां तथाविधाम्॥
Sanjaya said Hear, O king, with perfect attention and hearing do you understand what you hear. There was nothing the result of incantation and nothing the production of illusion.

न वै विभीषिकां कांचिद् राजन् कुर्वन्ति पाण्डवाः। युध्यन्ति ते यथान्यायं शक्तिमन्तश्च संयुगे॥
Neither, O monarch, did the sons of Pandu create any new source of apprehension. Those warriors endued with strength are fighting their battles according to the rules of fair combat.

धर्मेण सर्वकार्याणि आरभनते सदा पार्थाः जीवितादीनि भारत प्रार्थयाना महद् यशः॥
The sons of Pritha, O Bharata, desirous of securing illustrious fame, ever perform all acts, even the maintenance of their lives, in perfect accordance with the rulers of morality.

न ते युद्धान्निवर्तन्ते धर्मोपेता महाबलाः। श्रिया परमया युक्ता यतो धर्मस्ततो जयः॥
Attended by excellent prosperity and endued with great strength and conforming to all morality, they never turn back from the fight. Victory ever attends righteousness.

तेनावध्या रणे पार्था जययुक्ताश्च पार्थिव। तव पुत्रा दुरात्मानः पापेष्वभिरताः सदा॥
For this reason, O ruler of earth, the sons of Pritha are unslayable in battle and are ever courted by victory. Your sons are of wicked intentions and are intent on perpetrating sin;

निष्ठुरा हीनकर्माणस्तेन हीयन्ति संयुगे। सुबहूनि नृशंसानि पुत्रैस्तव नजनेश्वर॥ निकृतानीह पाण्डूनां नीचैरिव यथा नरैः। सर्वं च तदनादृत्य पुत्राणां तव किल्बिषम्॥
And are cruel and of low deeds; therefore are they always worsted in the battle. O ruler of men, various heartless injuries were done to the Pandavas by your sons, like men of low extraction. Disregarding all those offences of your sons.

सापह्नवाः सदैवासन् पाण्डवाः पाण्डुपूर्वज। न चैतान् बहु मन्यन्ते पुत्रास्तव विशाम्पते॥
O elder brother of Pandu, the sons of Pandu tried always to keep them 'hidden and unknown. O ruler of men your sons do not pay them proper respect.

तस्य पापस्य सततं क्रियमाणस्य कर्मणः। साम्प्रतं सुमहद् घोरं फलं प्राप्तं जनेश्वर॥
Let your sons now reap the fruit that resembles the poisonous fruit of the Kimpaka tree, of that their persistent course of sinful actions.

स त्वं भुक्ष्व महाराज सपुत्रः ससुहृज्जनः। नावबुध्यसि यद् राजन् वार्यमाणः सुहज्जनैः॥
Now, O mighty monarch, do you with your sons and relatives, taste that mortal fruit, in as much as, O king, you did not seem to be awakened though always warned by your wellwishers.

विदुरेणाथ भीष्मेण द्रोणेन च महात्मना। तथा मया चाप्यसकृद् वार्यमाणो न बुध्यसे॥
Always forbidden by Vidura, Bhishma, Drona of high soul, his son, as also by me, you did not pay any regard.

वाक्यं हितं च पथ्यं च माः पथ्यमिवौषधम्। पुत्राणां मतमाज्ञाय जितान् मन्यसि पाण्डवान्॥
To our words, salutary and intended for your good though they were even as a sick man rejects wholesome medicines Accepting the views of your sons, you expected to see the Pandavas vanquished.

शृणु भूयो यथातत्त्वं यन्मां त्वं परिपृच्छसि। कारणं भरतश्रेष्ठ पाण्डवानां जयं प्रति॥
Hear again the true reason, about which you had asked me, for the victory of the sons of Pandu, O foremost of the Bharatas.

तत् तेऽहं कथयिष्यामि यथाश्रुतमरिंदम्। दुर्योधनेन सम्पृष्ट एतमर्थं पितामहः॥
I shall exactly tell you, O subjugator of your foes, as I myself have heard it. The grandsire himself was questioned, on this point by king Duryodhana.

दृष्ट्वा भ्रातॄन् रणे सर्वान् निर्जितांस्तु महारथान्। शोकमसम्मूढहृदयो निशाकाले स्म कौरवः॥ पितामहं महाप्राज्ञं विनयेनोपगम्य ह। यदब्रवीत् सुतस्तेऽसौ तन्मे शृणु जनेश्वर॥
Beholding his brothers, all accomplished car-warriors, worsted in battle, your son Duryodhana, O Kaurava, with his heart overwhelmed with sorrow, asked this question to the grandsire, approaching him with humility, on the advent of night. O ruler of men, hear from me what your son did say at the time.

दुर्योधन उवाच द्रोणश्च त्वं च शल्यश्च कृपो द्रौणिस्तथैव च। कृतवर्मा च हार्दिक्यः काम्बोजश्च सुदक्षिणः॥
Duryodhana said Drona, yourself, Shalya, Kripa, the son of Drona, Kritavarma, the son of Hridika, and Sudakshina the ruler of the Kambojas.

भूरिश्रवा विकर्णश्च भगदत्तश्च वीर्यवान्। महारथाः समाख्याताः कुलपुत्रास्तनुत्यजः॥
Bhurishravas, Vikarna and Bhagadatta endued with prowess, these heroes are all regarded as mighty car-warriors; all these men are the sons of illustrious dynasties and are ever ready to shuffle off their mortal coil.

त्रयाणामपि लोकानां पर्याप्ता इति मे मतिः। पाण्डवानां समस्ताश्च नातिष्ठन्त पराक्रमे॥
I consider these to be a match for the three world united together. The whole Pandava army can not withstand your prowess.

तत्र मे संशयो जातस्तन्ममाचक्ष्व पृच्छतः। यं समाश्रित्य कौन्तेया जयन्त्यस्मान् क्षणे क्षणे॥
Regarding these things, a doubt has arisen in my mind. Tell me, who am asking you, of him, relying on whom the sons of Kunti are gaining victory over us at each step.

भीष्म उवाच शृणु राजन् वचो मह्यं यथा वक्ष्यामि कौरव। बहुशश्च मयोक्तोऽसि न च मे तत् त्वया कृतम्॥ क्रियतां पाण्डवैः सार्धं शमो भरतसत्तम। एतत् क्षेममहं मन्ये पृथिव्यास्तव वा विभो॥
Bhishma said Hear, O king, the words that I am going to say to you, O you of the Kuru race. I did frequently address you to the same effect, urging you to conclude peace with the sons of Pandu. I consider this to be profitable both to you and to the earth, O lord.

भुक्ष्वेमां पृथिवीं राजन् भ्रातृभिः सहितः सुखी। दुर्हदस्तापयन् सर्वान् नन्दयंश्चापि बान्धवान्॥
Do you, O king, enjoy the blessings of this earth with your brothers, with a contented heart, and enhancing the delight of your relatives and gratifying every one else.

न च मे क्रोशतस्तात श्रुतवानसि वै पुरा। तदितं समनुप्राप्तं यत् पाण्डूनवमन्यसे॥
O sire, you paid no heed to my words before, though I cried myself hoarse. Now this evil has overtaken you, in as much as you have ever despised the sons of Pandu.

यश्च हेतुरवध्यत्वे तेषामक्लिष्टकर्मणाम्। तं शृणुष्व महाबाहो मम कीर्तयतः प्रभो॥
Hear from me as I speak, O king, O lord, the reason why those sons of Pandu who are never tired in the performance of pious acts, are unslayable.

नास्ति लोकेषु तद् भूतं भविता नो भविष्यति। यो जयेत् पाण्डवान् सर्वान् पालिताञ्छाईधन्वना॥
There was not, is not, or will not be a person, who would have been, is or will be able to conquer the Pandavas, protected as they are by the wielder of the Sharnga bow.

यत् तु मे कथितं तात मुनिभिर्भावितात्मभिः। पुराणगीतं धर्मज्ञ तच्छृणुष्व यथातथम्॥
Hear from me, you who are versed in morality, the ancient history that was related to me, O sire, by the sages of tranquil souls.

पुरा किल सुराः सर्वे ऋषयश्च समागताः। पितामहमुपासेदुः पर्वते गन्धमादने॥
In the days of yore, all the celestial and sages, assembled together, danced attendance upon the grandsire (Brahma) on the mountain Gandhamadana.

तेषां मध्ये समासीनः प्रजापतिरपश्यत। विमान् प्रज्वलद् भासा स्थितं प्रवरमम्बरे॥
Seated at his ease in their midst, the lord of people, saw an excellent chariot burning with effulgence, stationed in the firmament.

ध्यानेनावेद्य तद् ब्रह्मा कृत्वा च नियतोऽञ्जलिम्। नमश्चकार हृष्यात्मा पुरुष परमेश्वरम्॥
Having ascertained everything about the chariot by means of his contemplation and folding his palms together, Brahma, with his soul filled with delight bowed down his head to the Purusha, the highest of all Divinities.

ऋषयस्त्वथ देवाश्च दृष्ट्वा ब्रह्माणमुत्थितम्। स्थिताः प्राञ्जलयः सर्वे पश्यन्तो महदद्भुतम्॥
Also the sages and the celestial beholding the figure thus revealed in the heavens stood with hands folded and with their gaze fixed on the marvel of marvels.

यथावच्च तमभ्यर्च्य ब्रह्मा ब्रह्मविदां वरः। जगाद जगतः स्रष्टा परं परमधर्मवित्॥
Then Brahma best conversant with morality, the foremost of those versed in the Vedas and the creator of the worlds, having worshipped that from duly, chanted this hymn of praise.

विश्वावसुर्विश्वमूर्तिर्विश्वेशो विष्वक्सेनो विश्वकर्मा वशी च। विश्वेश्वरो वासुदेवोऽसि तस्माद् योगात्मानं दैवतं त्वामुपैमि॥
You are the glory of the universe, and have the universe as your form. You are the lord of the universe; you are the protector of it; you have your senses under your thorough control. You are the lord paramount of this universe, you are the Vasudeva; I seek refuge in your divine self that are the soul of Yoga.

जय विश्व महादेव जय लोकहिते रत। जय योगीश्वर विभो जय योगपरावर॥
Victory unto you that are the divine and paramount Lord of this universe; victory unto you, who are ever anxious for the worlds welfare. Victory unto you the lord and the master of the Yogins; victory unto you that are identified with the ocean of yoga energy.

पद्मगर्भ विशालाक्ष जय लोकेश्वरेश्वर। भूतभव्यभवन्नाथ जय सौम्यात्मजात्मज॥
Victory unto you the Lord of the lords of the universe, that have the lotus springing from the navel and that have expanded eyes. Victory unto you that are the incarnation of gentleness, you that are the son of sons, O you, the Lord of the past, the present, and the future.

असंख्येयगुणाधार जय सर्वपरायण। नारायण सुदुष्पार जय शार्ङ्गधनुर्धर॥
O you, the receptacle of innumerable qualities victory be unto you, the refuge of all things; O you that are Narayana and that are incomprehensible, victory be unto you, the wielder of the Sharnga bow.

जय सर्वगुणोपेत विश्वमूर्ते निरामय। विश्वेश्वर महाबाहो जय लोकार्थतत्पर॥
Victory be unto you, O you that have the universe for your from that are free from the influence of all maladies. O Lord of the universe, O you of long arms, victory be unto you who are devoted to further the welfare of the worlds.

महोरग वराहाद्य हरिकेश विभो जय। हरिवास दिशामीश विश्ववासामिताव्यय॥
0 great Serpent, O huge Boar, O Lord, O you possessed of the lion's manes, victory be unto you. O you whose raiment's are yellow, O Lord of the several points of the compass. O you that are like the abode of the universe, O infinite one, O you that dose suffer no deterioration.

व्यक्ताव्यक्तामितस्थान नियतेन्द्रिय सक्रिय। असंख्येयात्मभावज्ञ जय गम्भीर कामद॥
O you that are the Manifest, O you that are the Unmanifested. O you of senses thoroughly controlled. O you that are like the infinite space. O you that ever achieve the acts beneficial to the worlds, O you that are beyond all measurement, O you that alone are conversant with your nature, O you that are deep and the fulfiller of desires victory be upto you.

अनन्तविदित ब्रह्मन् नित्य भूतविभावन। कृतकार्य कृतप्रज्ञ धर्मज्ञ विजयावह॥
O you that have no end, O you that are known as Brahma, O you that are eternal, and are the protector of all creatures, O you that are ever successful, O you whose understanding is accomplished in all things. O you that are conversant with all righteousness. O you that are ever attended with victory.

गुह्यात्मन् सर्वयोगात्मन् स्फुटं सम्भूतसम्भव। भूताद्य लोकतत्त्वेश जय भूतविभावन॥
O you of mysterious self, O you that are the soul of all Yoga, O you that are the origin of every thing that has sprung into existence, O you that are the knowledge of the souls of every being, O master of the universe, victory be unto you that are the creator of all beings.

आत्मयोने महाभाग कल्पसंक्षेप तत्पर। उद्भावनमनोभाव जय ब्रह्म जयप्रिय॥
O you that are self-create, O you of eminent parts, O you that are ever active for bringing about the destruction of all beings, O you that are the inspirer of all thoughts in the mind, victory be unto you, the beloved of those that are conversant with Brahma.

निसर्गसर्गनिरत कामेश परमेश्वर। अमृतोद्भव सद्भाव मुक्तात्मन् विजयप्रद॥
O you that are ever engaged in the acts of creation and destruction, Orepressor of all desires, O most exalted Divinity, O you the origin of Amrita, O you whose existence only is a reality, O you that are the Fire that do appear at the end of a Yoga, O you that are the bestower of victory.

प्रजापतिपते देव पद्मनाभ महाबला आत्मभूत महाभूत सत्त्वात्मन् जय सर्वदा॥
O you that are the Lord of lords of men, O Divine one, O you that have the lotus growing from your navel, O you endued with great might, O you that are self-create, O you that are of elements in their nascent condition, O you that are the soul of all performance, victory be unto you, the giver of all things.

पादौ तव धरा देवी दिशो बाहू दिवं शिरः। मूर्तिस्तेऽहं सुराः कायश्चन्द्रादित्यौ च चक्षुषी॥
The goddess of earth constitutes your feet, the cardinal and subsidiary points of the compass represent your arms; the celestial regions constitute your head; your from is composed of myself; the celestials compose your limbs, and the sun and the moon your two eyes.

बलं तपश्च सत्यं च कर्म धर्मात्मकं तव। तेजोऽग्निः पवनः श्वास आपस्ते स्वेदसम्भवाः॥
Asceticism and truth born of acts of piety constitute your strength. Your energy is fire, your breath the wind. And waters have been created from your perspiration.

अश्विनौ श्रवणौ नित्यं देवी जिह्वा सरस्वती। वेदाः संस्कारनिष्ठा हि त्वयीदं जगदाश्रितम्॥
The twin Ashvins ever constitute your ears, the goddess of leading is your tongue, the Vedas are your knowledge and in you is this world stationed.

न संख्यानं परीमाणं न तेजो न पराक्रमम्। न बलं योगयोगीश जानीमस्ते न सम्भवम्॥
O you that are the Lord of Yoga and the Yogins, we know neither your extent nor your measure, neither your energy nor your prowess, nor your strength, nor your origin.

त्वद्भक्तिनिरता देव नियमैस्त्वां समाश्रिताः। अर्चयामः सदा विष्णो परमेशं महेश्वरम्॥
O god, cherishing reverence for you and betaking to your ways by the performance of vows and &c., we do ever worship Vishnu, the Supreme Lord, the God of gods.

ऋषयो देवगन्धर्वा यक्षराक्षसपन्नगा:। पिशाचा मानुशाश्चैव मृगपक्षिसरीसृपाः॥
The sages, the celestials, the Gandharvas, the Yakshas, the Rakshasas, the Pannagas, the Pishachas, and men, and the animals, and birds and men and reptiles.

एवमादि मया सृष्टं पृथिव्यां त्वत्प्रसादजम्। पद्मनाभ विशालाक्ष कृष्ण दुःखप्रणाशन॥
All these have been created by me in the first instance, on earth, through your grace. O you that have the lotus springing from your navel, O you of expanded eyes, O Krishna,O soother of all afflictions.

त्वं गतिः सर्वभूतानां त्वं नेता त्वं जगद्गुरुः। त्वत्प्रसादेन देवेश सुखिनो विबुधाः सदा॥
You are the refuge of all created beings and you are their bodies! You have the universe for your mouth; O you that are the Lord of the celestials, the gods are ever happy through your grace only.

पृथिवी निर्भया देव त्वत्प्रसादात् सदाऽभवत्। तस्माद् भव विशालाक्ष यदुवंशविवर्धनः॥
O god, through your grace the earth have ever been freed from all her apprehensions. So, O you of expanded eyes, be you the propagator of the Yadu race.

धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय दैत्यानां च वधाय च। जगतो धारणार्थाय विज्ञाप्यं कुरु मे विभो॥
Gratify my solicitation O Lord, for the sake of establishing righteousness, for slaying the sons of Diti and for upholding the universe.

यत् तत् परमकं गुह्यं त्वत्प्रसादादिदं विभो। वासुदेव तदेतत् ते मयोद्गीतं यथातथम्॥
0 Vasudeva all that is supremely mysterious regarding you, O Lord, all that have been exactly sung by me, through your grace.

सृष्ट्वा संकर्षणं देवं स्वयमात्मानमात्मना। कृष्ण त्वमात्मनास्राक्षीः प्रद्युम्नं चात्मसम्भवम्॥
Having created the divine Sankarshana your self out of your own self, you did then, O Krishna create yourself as Pradyuman, born out of your own self.

प्रद्युम्नादनिरुद्धं त्वं यं विदुर्विष्णुमव्ययम्। अनिरुद्धोऽसृजन्मां वै ब्रह्माणं लोकधारिणम्॥
From Pradyumana you did then create Anirudha known as the undetiorating Vishnu. And it was Anirudha who did create me Brahman as the supporter of the universe.

वासुदेवमयः सोऽहं त्वयैवास्मि विनिर्मितः। विभज्य भागशोऽऽत्मानं व्रज मानुषतां विभो॥
Thus created by the essence of Vamdeva. I have been created by yourself Dividing yourself into portions, O Lord create yourself among humanity.

तत्रासुरवधं कृत्वा सर्वलोकसुखाय वै। धर्मं प्राप्य यशः प्राप्य योगं प्राप्स्यसि तत्त्वतः॥
There, for the well being of the world slaughtering the Asuras, and establishing righteousness and winning glory, you shall again attain to the best Yoga.

त्वां हि ब्रह्मर्षयो लोके देवाश्चामितविक्रम। तैस्तैर्हि नामभिर्युक्ता गायन्ति परमात्मकम्॥
O you of immeasurable prowess, the regenerate sages and the celestials sing of your wonderful self out of devotion for you, under those various appellations that are ascribed to you.

स्थिताश्च सर्वे त्वयि भूतसंघाः कृत्वाऽश्रयं त्वां वरदं सुबाहो। अनादिमध्यान्तमपारयोगं लोकस्य सेतुं प्रवदन्ति विप्राः॥
O you of excellent arms, all the host of beings find their support in you, having sought shelter in you, the giver of boons. The Vipras eulogise you as the bridge of the universe, having no beginning, middle or end, and as possessed of infinite Yoga prowess.