None: Chapter 35

The words of Bhima

भीमसेन उवाच संधिं कृत्वैव कालेन ह्यन्तकेन पतत्त्रिणा। अनन्तेनाप्रमेयेण स्रोतसा सर्वहारिणा॥ प्रत्यक्षं मन्यसे कालं मर्त्यः सन् कालबन्धनः। फेनधर्मा महाराज फलधर्मा तथैव च॥
Bhima said : O great king, being mortal and unsubstantial as froth, unstable as fruit and dependant on time, how can you consider of any avail your having made an agreement in respect of Time, which is infinite and immeasurable, which passes as quickly as an arrow or a stream, carrying everything before it like death itself?

निमेषादपि कौन्तेय यस्यायुरपचीयते। सूच्येवाञ्जनचूर्णस्य किमिति प्रतिपालयेत्॥
O son of Kunti, how can he wait whose life is shortened every moment, as a quantity of collyrium is lessened each time, a grain is taken up by the needle?

यो नूनममितायुः स्यादथवापि प्रमाणवित्। स कालं वै प्रतीक्षेत सर्वप्रत्यक्षदर्शिवान्॥
Only he whose life has no limit or he who knows with certainty what the period of his life (really) is or he who knows the future as if it were placed before his eyes can wait for the arrival of (a certain fixed) time.

प्रतीक्ष्यमाणः कालो न: समा राजस्त्रयोदश। आयुषोऽपचयं कृत्वा मरणायोपनेष्यति।॥
O king, if we wait for thirteen years, that period of time will shorten our lives and bring us nearer to death.

शरीरिणां हि मरणं शरीरे नित्यमाश्रितम्। प्रागेव मरणात् तस्माद् राज्यायैव घटामहे॥
Wealth is ever established in every creature having corporeal body. Therefore we should try to get possession of our kingdom before we meet with death.

यो न याति प्रसंख्यानमस्पष्टो भूमिवर्धनः। अयातयित्वा वैराणि सोऽवसीदति गौरिव॥
He who fails to achieve fame by not chastising his enemies is like a thing unclean. He is an useless burden of the earth as a brute is and perishes with ignominy.

यो न यातयते वैरमल्पसत्त्वोद्यमः पुमान्। अफलं जन्म तस्याहं मन्ये दुर्जातजायिनः॥
The man, who being destitute of strength and courage, fails to chastise his enemies lives in vain. I consider such a man as low-born.

हैरण्यौ भवतो बाहू श्रुतिर्भवति पार्थिवी। हत्वा द्विषन्तं संग्रामे भुड्क्ष्व बाहुजितं वसु॥
Your hand can shower gold; your fame spreads over the whole earth. Therefore, killing your enemies in battle, enjoy the wealth acquired by the strength of your arms.

हत्वा वै पुरुषो राजन् निकर्तारमरिदम्। अह्राय नरकं गच्छेत् स्वर्गेणास्य स सम्मितः॥
O king, O chastiser of foes, if a man goes to hell on the very day he kills his injurer, that hell at once becomes heaven to him.

अमर्षजो हि संतापः पावकाद् दीप्तिमत्तरः। येनाहमभिसंतप्तो न नक्तं न दिवा शये॥
The pain that one feels in suppressing his anger is more burning than fire itself. I burn with it even now and I cannot sleep either in the night or in the day.

अयं च पार्थो बीभत्सुर्वरिष्ठो ज्याविकर्षणे। आस्ते परमसंतप्तो नूनं सिंह इवाशये॥
This son of Pritha, Vivatsu (Arjuna) is foremost in drawing the bow-string. He is certainly much aggrieved, though he lives (quietly) like a lion in its den.

योऽयमेकोऽभिमनुते सर्वान् लोकेधनुर्भृतः। सोऽयमात्मजमूष्माणं महाहस्तीव यच्छति॥
This one (Arjuna) who desires to kill all the wielders of bow of the world without any body's) help, suppresses his wrath within his breast like a great elephant.

नकुलः सहदेवश्च वृद्धा माता च वीरसूः। तवैव प्रियमिच्छन्त आसते जडमूकवत्॥
Nakula, Sahadeva, the old mother of heroes (Kunti) are all sitting like dumb people in order to please you.

सर्वे ते प्रियमिच्छन्ति बान्धवाः सह सृञ्जयैः। अहमेकश्च संतप्तो माता च प्रतिविन्ध्यतः॥
All our friends with the Srinjayas wish to , please you. Only I and the mother of Prativindhya, (Draupadi) are greatly aggrieved.

प्रियमेव तु सर्वेषां यद् ब्रवीम्युत किंचन। सर्वे हि व्यसनं प्राप्ताः सर्वे युद्धाभिनन्दिनः॥
And speak to you. Whatever I speak is (surely) agreeable to them all, for they plunged in great affliction eagerly wish for the battle.

नातः पापीयसी काचिदापद् राजन् भविष्यति। यन्नो नीचरैल्पबलै राज्यमाच्छिद्य भुज्यते॥
O king, what greater calamity would befall us than that our kingdom should be snatched away from us and enjoyed by weak and contemptible foes!

शीलदोषाद् घृणाविष्ट आनृशंस्यात् परंतप। क्लेशांस्तितिक्षसे राजन् नान्यः कश्चित् प्रशंसति॥
O chastiser of foes, (only) from the weakness of your character you feel shame to violate the pledge you made. But O king, none praises you for your this kindly disposition.

श्रोत्रियस्येव ते राजन् मन्दकस्याविपश्चितः। अनुवाकहता बुद्धिर्नैषा तत्त्वार्थदर्शिनी॥
O king, your intellect cannot see the truth like that of a foolish and ignorant man, though of high birth, who has committed to memory the Vedas without understanding them. sons

घृणी ब्राह्मणरूपोऽसि कथं क्षत्रेऽभ्यजायथाः। अस्यां हि योनौ जायन्ते प्रायशः क्रूरबुद्धयः॥
You are kind as a Brahmana; how have you been born in the Kshatriya order? Those born in it (the Kshatriya order) are generally crooked-minded.

अश्रौषीस्त्वं राजधर्मान् यथा वै मनुरब्रवीत्। क्रूरान् निकृतिसम्पन्नान् विहितानशमात्मकान्॥ धार्तराष्ट्रान् महाराज क्षमसे किं दुरात्मनः। कर्तव्ये पुरुषव्याघ्र किमास्से पीठसर्पवत्॥ बुद्ध्या वीर्येण संयुक्तः श्रुतेनाभिजनेन च।
You have heard the duties of kings told by Manu, they are fraught with crookedness and unfairness, they are perfectly opposed to peace and virtue. O great king, why do you then forgive the wicked-minded of Dhritarashtra. O foremost of men, why are you silent in performing your duties being a man of ' high birth?

तृणानां मुष्टिनैकेन हिमवन्तं च पर्वतम्॥ छन्नमिच्छसि कौन्तेय योऽस्मान् संवर्तुमिच्छसि।
O son of Kunti, who wishes to conceal the Himalayas by means of a handful of grass.

अज्ञातचर्या गूढेन पृथिव्यां विश्रुतेन च॥ दिवीव पार्थ सूर्येण न शक्याचरितं त्वया।
Known as you are all over the world, you will hardly be able to live unknown and undiscovered. O son of Pritha, the sun can never pass through the sky unknown to men.

बृहच्छाल इवानूपे शाखापुष्यपलाशवान्॥ हस्ती श्वेत इवाज्ञातः कथं जिष्णुश्चरिष्यति।
A large tree with spreading branches; flowers and with leaves in a well watered place (can never remain hidden). Nor can the Airavat (Indra's elephant). How will Jishnu (Arjuna) be able to live undiscovered and unknown?

इमौ च सिंहसंकाशौ भ्रातरौ सहितौ शिशू॥ नकुलः सहदेवश्च कथं पार्थ चरिष्यतः।
How will these lion-like young children, together with the two brothers. Nakula and Sahadeva, O son of Pritha, be able to live in secrecy?

पुण्यकीर्ती राजपुत्री द्रौपदी वीरसूयिरम्॥ विश्रुता कथमज्ञाता कृष्णा पार्थ चरिष्यति।
The mother of heroes, the princess Draupadi of virtuous deeds. O son of Pritha, how will this Krishna be able to live undiscovered and unknown?

मां चापि राजञ्जानन्ति ह्याकुमारमिमाः प्रजाः॥ नाज्ञातचर्यां पश्यामि मेरोरिव निगूहनम्।
O king, all the people know me from my childhood. I do not see how I shall be able to live undiscovered and unknown. The Meru (mountains) might as well be concealed!

तथैव बहवोऽस्माभी राष्ट्रेभ्यो विप्रवासिताः॥ राजानो राजपुत्राश्चधृतराष्ट्रमनुव्रताः। न हि तेऽप्युपशाम्यन्ति निकृता वा निराकृताः॥
Then again many kings have been driven away from their kingdoms. These kings and princes will all follow the wicked son of Dhritarashtra. For robbed and exiled by us, they cannot be friendly towards us.

अवश्यं तैर्निकर्तव्यमस्माकं तत्प्रियैषिभिः। तेऽप्यस्मासु प्रयुञ्जीरन् प्रच्छन्नान् सुबहूंश्चरान्। आचक्षीरंश्च नो ज्ञात्वा तत: स्यात् सुमहद् भयम्।३१।।
They will certainly seek to injure us with the desire of doing good to him (Duryodhana); and they will certainly set against us many spies in disguise. If they discover us and report it, a great calamity will (then) befall us.

अस्माभिरुषिताः सम्यग्वने मासास्त्रयोदश। परिमाणेन तान् पश्य तावतः परिवत्सरान्॥
We have already lived in the forest for full thirteen months. Consider them for their length as full thirteen years.

अस्ति मास: प्रतिनिधिर्यथा प्राहुर्मनीषिणः। पूतिकामिव सोमस्य तथेदं क्रियतामिति॥
The wise men have said that a month is (but) a substitute for a year, as Pritika is considered as a substitute for the Soma.

अथवानडुहे राजन् साधवे साधुवाहिने। सौहित्यदानादेतस्मादेनसः प्रतिमुच्यते॥
O king, (if you violate the pledge) you may free yourself from its sin by offering good food to a well-conducted bull which carries sacred burdens.

तस्माच्छत्रुवधे राजन् क्रियतां निश्चयस्त्वया। क्षत्रियस्य हि सर्वस्य नान्योधर्मोऽस्ति संयुगात्॥
O king, therefore make up your mind to kill your enemies. There is no virtue higher to a Kshatriya than battle.