ARANEYA PARVA: Chapter 315

The revival of Nakula and others

वैशम्पायन उवाच धर्मेण तेऽभ्यनुज्ञाताः पाण्डवाः सत्यविक्रमाः। अज्ञातवासं वत्स्यन्तश्च्छन्ना वर्ष त्रयोदशम्॥ उपोपविष्टा विद्वांसः सहिताः संशितव्रताः। ये तद्भक्ता वसन्ति स्म वनवासे तपस्विनः॥ तानब्रुवन् महात्मानः स्थिताः प्राञ्जलयस्तदा। अभ्यनुज्ञापयिष्यन्तस्तं निवासं धृतव्रताः॥
Vaishampayana said : Agrecably to the command to Dharma to pass the thirteenth year (of their exile) incognito, the Pandavas endued with the strength of truth and observant of vows, sat near those learned ascetics who were out of love (for them) dwelling with them in the forest. And with the view of obtaining the permission of these high-souled and vowobserving ones to spend (the afore said thirteenth year) incognito, they (i.e. the Pandavas) spoke to them with joined palms,

विदितं भवतां सर्वं धार्तराष्ट्रर्यथा वयम्। छाना हृतराज्याश्चानयाश्च बहुशः कृताः॥
“You are (no doubt) aware that the sons of Dhritarashtra have robbed us of our kingdom and have inflicted many other injuries on us.

उषिताश्च वने कृच्छ्रे वयं द्वादश वत्सरान्। अज्ञातवाससमयं शेषं वर्षं त्रयोदशम्॥
We have in great misery dwelt in the woods (these) twelve years. The thirteenth year, which we are to spend incognito yet remains, (Therefore) permit us to spend this year unrecognized.

तद् वसामो वयं छन्नास्तदनुज्ञातुमर्हथ। सुयोधनश्च दुष्टात्मा कर्णश्च सहसौबलः॥ जानन्तो विषमं कुर्युरस्मास्वत्यन्तवैरिणः। युक्तचाराश्च युक्ताश्च पौरस्य स्वजनस्य च॥
Now we want to make abode in concealment and you are able to permit us for that. Those rancorous enemies of ours. Suyodhana, the wicked-minded Karna and the son of Subala should they discover us would do great wrong to the citizens and our friends.

अपि नस्तद् भरेद् भूयो यद् वयं ब्राह्मणैः सह। समस्ताः स्वेषु राष्ट्रेषु स्वराज्यस्था भवेमहि ॥ वैशम्पायन उवाच इत्युक्त्वा दुःखशोकार्तः शुचिर्धर्मसुतस्तदा। सम्मूर्छितोऽभवद् राजा साश्रुकण्ठो युधिष्ठिरः॥
Shall we all with the Brahmanas be again established in our own kingdom? Having said these words that holy, overwhelmed with deep sorrow and accents choked tears, the son of Dharma king Yudhishthira swooned away.

तमथाश्वासयन् सर्वे ब्राह्मणा भ्रातृभिः सह। अथ धौम्योऽब्रवीद् वाक्यं महार्थं नृपतिं तदा॥
After that the Brahmanas and his brothers began to cheer him up. Then Dhaumya told the King these worlds of fraught and great meaning.

राजन् विद्वान् भवान् दान्तः सत्यसंधो जितेन्द्रियः। नैवंविधाः प्रमुह्यन्ते नराः कस्याञ्चिदापदि॥
O king, you are well leamed, tamed, observant of vows and subdued sense, men of such type are not overwhelmed by any calamity whatever.

देवैरप्यापदः प्राप्ताश्च्छन्नैश्च बहुशस्तथा। तत्र तत्र सपत्नानां निग्रहार्थं महात्मभिः॥
Even the high-souled gods themselves have wandered over various places in concealment, for the purpose of destroying the enemies.

इन्द्रेण निषधान् प्राप्य गिरिप्रस्थाश्रमे तदा। छन्नेनोष्य कृतं कर्म द्विषतां च विनिग्रहे।॥
Indra for the purpose of defeating his enemies, dwelt in disguise in the asylum of Giriprastha in Nishadha and thus attained his end.

विष्णुनाश्वशिरः प्राप्य तथादित्यां निवत्स्यता। गर्भ वधार्थं दैत्यानामज्ञातेनोषितं चिरम्॥
And for the purpose of killing the Danavas Lord Vishnu passed a long time indisguise in the womb of Aditi (mother of gods) before taking his birth simulating the form of the Hayagriva (horse-necked).

प्राप्य वामनरूपेण प्रच्छन्नं ब्रह्मरूपिणा। बलेर्यथा हृतं राज्यं विक्रमैस्तच्च ते श्रुतम्॥
Then how disguising himself in the form of dwarf, he (Vishnu) by his prowess deprived vail of the kingdom of Bali, have been heard by you?

हुताशनेन यच्चापः प्रविश्यच्छन्नमासता। विबुधानां कृतं कर्म तच्च सर्वं श्रुतं त्वया॥
And also Hutashana entering into water and remaining in disguise, obtained the purpose of the gods, have been heard by you?

प्रच्छन्नं चापि धर्मज्ञ हरिणारिविनिग्रह। वलां प्रविश्य शक्रस्य यत् कृतं तच्च ते श्रुतम्॥
How Hari for the purpose of overcoming his enemies, entered into Shakra's thunderbolt lying unrecognized there, O skilled in duly, have you heard this?

और्वेण वसता छन्नमूरौ ब्रह्मर्षिणा तदा। यत् कृतं तात देवेषु कर्म तत्तेऽनघ श्रुतम्॥
O Sinless one, O child you have heard of the office the regenerate Rishi Auarv at one time performed for the gods having disguised in the womb of his mother?

एवं विवस्वता तात छन्नेनोत्तमतेजसा। निर्दग्धाः शात्रवाः सर्वे वसता भुवि सर्वशः॥
And O child, remaining concealed in every part of the earth, Vivasvata, endued with excellent power, at last entirely burnt up all his foes,

विष्णुना वसता चापि गृहे दशरथस्य वै। दशग्रीवो हतश्छन्नं संयुगे भीमकर्मणा॥
And also living disguised in the abode of Dasharatha, the dreadful acted Lord Vishnu killed the ten-necked Ravana in battle.

एवमेव महात्मानः प्रच्छन्नास्तत्र तत्र ह। अजयञ्छात्रवान् युद्धे तथा त्वमपि जेष्यसि॥
Having disguised in many places, high souled persons have conquered their foes in battle, thus you will also win your enemies.

तथा धौम्येन धर्मज्ञो वाक्यैः सम्परितोषितः। शास्त्रबुद्ध्या स्वबुद्ध्या च न चचाल युधिष्ठिरः॥
Thus cheered by these words of Dhaumya, the virtuous Yudhishthira, relying on his own wisdom and also that gained from Shastras, regained his patience.

अथाब्रवीन्महाबाहुर्भीमसेनो महाबलः। राजानं बलिनां श्रेष्ठो गिरा सम्परिहर्षयन्॥
Then the exceeding strong and long armed Bhimasena, the foremost of mighty person encouraging the king greatly spoke these words

अवेक्षया महाराज तव गाण्डीवधन्वना। धर्मानुगतया बुद्ध्या न किञ्चित् साहसं कृतम्॥
O King, looking towards your face, the wilder of Gandiva bow acting according to his sense of duty has not shown my rashness.

सहदेवो मया नित्यं नकुलश्च निवारितौ। शक्तौ विध्वंसने तेषां शत्रूणां भीमविक्रमौ॥
Nakula and Sahadeva of dreadful valour were also fully capable to slay those enemies, but they have been prevented by me all the time.

न वयं तत् प्रहास्यामो यस्मिन् योक्ष्यति नो भवान्। भवान् विधत्तां तत् सर्वं क्षिप्रं जेष्यामहे रिपून्।॥
Never shall we town aside from that in which you will engage us? Do you tell us a proper act? We shall overcome to our foes at very soon.

इत्युक्ते भीमसेनेन ब्राह्मणः परमाशिषा। उक्त्वा चापृच्छ्य भरतान्यथास्वान्स्वान्ययुगुहान्॥
Having said these words by Bhimasena, the Brahmanas uttered blessings on the Bharatas and after that receiving their permission, went to their own abodes.

सर्वे वेदविदो मुख्या यतयो मुनयस्तथा। आसेदुस्ते यथान्यायं पुनर्दर्शनकाझया॥
And all those foremost of Yatis and Munis, versed in the Vedas, exceedingly desirous of again beholding the Pandavas went back to their respective homes.

सह धौम्येन विद्वांसस्तथा पञ्च च पाण्डवाः। उत्थाय प्रययुर्वीराः कृष्णामादाय धन्विनः॥
And accompanied by Dhaumya, these heroes, the learned five Pandavas versed in bows get out with lord Krishna.

क्रोशमात्रमुपागम्य तस्माद् देशान्निमित्ततः। श्वोभूते मनुजव्याघ्राश्छन्नवासार्थमुद्यताः॥ पृथक्छास्त्रविदः सर्वे सर्वे मन्त्रविशारदाः। संधिविग्रहकालज्ञा मन्त्राय समुपाविशन्॥
After passing a Kosa from that place they sat down with the view of taking advice of each other, about to enter upon a life of unrecognized. They all were learned in separate science (Shastra) and all proficient in the Mantras. Those tigers among the men were cognizant of time for peace and war.