The colloquy between Karna and Surya

सूर्य उवाच माहितं कर्ण कार्षीस्त्वमात्मनः सुहृदां तथा। पुत्राणामथ भार्याणामथो मातुरथो पितुः॥
Surya said : O Karna, never do such acts as will lead to the injury of your own self, your friends, your sons, your wives, your mother and your father.

शरीरस्याविरोधेन प्राणिनां प्राणभृद्वर। इष्यते यशसः प्राप्तिः कीर्तिश्च त्रिदिवे स्थिरा॥
O best of those that bear life, creatures do not wish to sacrifice their bodies for renown in this world and everlasting fame in heaven.

यस्त्वं प्राणविरोधेन कीर्तिमिच्छसि शाश्वतीम्। सा ते प्राणान् गमिष्यति न संशयः॥
There is no doubt that the everlasting renown which you long for at the cost of your life, will deprive you of it.

जीवतां कुरुते कार्यं पिता माता सुतास्तथा। ये चान्ये बान्धवाः केचिल्लोकेऽस्मिन् पुरुषर्षभ।॥
O most exalted of men, so long as a person is alive, his father, mother, son and other relations in this world are useful to him.

राजानश्च नरव्याघ्र पौरुषेण निबोध तत्। कीर्तिश्च जीवतः साध्वी पुरुषस्य महाद्युते॥
The kings also, O best of men, can avail themselves of their prowess, so long as they are alive. Do understand it. O highly-resplendent being, fame is serviceable to living beings only.

मृतस्य कीर्त्या किं कार्यं भस्मीभूतस्य देहिनः। मृतः कीर्ति न जानीते जीवन कीर्तिं समश्नुते॥
As regards a dead person whose frame has been reduced to ashes, what necessity is there for fame? It is not the dead but living persons that can enjoy fame.

मृतस्या कीर्तिमर्त्यस्य यथा माला गतायुषः। अहं तु त्वां ब्रवीम्येतद् भक्तोऽसीति हितेप्सया॥
The fame of a dead person is like a garland (round the neck) of a man whose life is extinct. For the reason that you are a worshipper of mine I am telling you all this for your good,

भक्तिमन्तो हि मे रक्ष्या इत्येतेनापि हेतुना। भक्तोऽयं परया भक्त्या मामित्येव महाभुजा ममापि भक्तिरुत्पन्ना स त्वं कुरु वचो मम॥
And for this further reason that all my devotees should be protected protected by me. Considering, O mighty-amed one, that this person is a great devotee to me, I have been inclined to revere you. Therefore accept my advice.

अस्ति चात्र परं किञ्चिदध्यात्मं देवनिर्मितम्। अतश्च त्वां ब्रवीम्येतत् क्रियतामविशङ्कया॥
A deep mystery ordained by fate, underlies all this. It is on this account that I am addressing you thus. Act (according to my words) and let no doubts cross your mind.

देवगुह्यं त्वया ज्ञातुं न शक्यं पुरुषर्षभ। तस्मान्नाख्यामि ते गुह्यं काले वेत्स्यति तद् भवान्॥
O best of men, you are not fit to learn this which even the gods do not know. It is why I do not reveal it to you. You will, however know it in time.

पुनरुक्तं च वक्ष्यामि त्वं राधेय निबोध तत्। मास्मै ते कुण्डले दद्या भिक्षिते वलापाणिना॥
O Radha's son, I am telling you again what I have already said. Pay attention to it. You will by no means give the ear-rings to the wielder of the thunderbolt when he will beg them (of you).

शोभसे कुण्डलाभ्यां च रुचिराभ्यां महाद्युते। विशाखयोर्मध्यगतः शशीव विमले दिवि॥
Adorned with your beautiful ear-rings you shine like the moon in the azure sky between the Vishakha constellations, O highly effulgent creature.

कीर्तिश्च जीवतः साध्वी पुरुषस्येति विद्धि तत्। प्रत्याख्येयस्त्वया तात कुण्डलार्थे सुरेश्वरः॥
Know that fame is useful to a person so long as he is alive. Therefore, O son, you must refuse the lord of the celestials when he will beg the ear-rings.

शक्या बहुविधैर्वाक्यैः कुण्डलेप्सा त्वयानघ। विहन्तुं देवराजस्य हेतुयुक्तैः पुनः पुनः॥
O sinless one, you will be able to do away with the eager desire of the lord of the gods for the ear-rings by repeatedly addressing him in various words coupled with reason.

हेतुमदुपपन्नार्थैर्माधुर्यकृतभूषणैः। पुरन्दरस्य कर्ण त्वं बुद्धिमेतामपानुद॥
O Karna, remove the desire of Purandara by sweet and reasonable words consequence. of great

त्वं हि नित्यं नरव्याघ्र स्पर्धसे सव्यसाचिना। सव्यसाची त्वया चेह युधि शूरः समेष्यति॥
O most valiant of men, you always challenge Savyasachi (i.e. Arjuna who can draw the bow with his left hand) and the warlike Savyasachi too, will no doubt, encounter you in battle.

न तु त्वामर्जुनः शक्तः कुण्डलाभ्यां समन्वितम्। विजेतुं युधि यद्यस्य स्वयमिन्द्रः सखा भवेत्॥
But arrayed in your ear-rings Arjuna, even with the assistance of Indra himself shall not be able to defeat you in battle.

तस्मान्न देये शक्राय त्वयैते कुण्डले शुभे। संग्रामे यदि निर्जेतुं कर्ण कामयसेऽर्जुनम्॥
Therefore, O Karna, if you are at all desirous of defeating. Arjuna in battle, do not give your auspicious ear-rings to Shakra.