The colloquy between Sita and Ravana

मार्कण्डेय उवाच ततस्तां भर्तृशोकार्ता दीनां मलिनवाससम्। मणिशेषाभ्यलङ्कारां रुदतीं च पतिव्रताम्॥ राक्षसीभिरुपास्यन्ती समासीनां शिलातले। रावणः कामबाणातॊ ददर्शोपससर्प च॥ देवदानवगन्धर्वयक्षकिम्पुरुषैर्युधि। अजितोऽशोकवनिकां ययौ कन्दर्पपीडितः॥
Markandeya said : Then, Ravana, smarting under the shafts of Cupid, saw Sita-afflicted with sorrow for her husband, melancholy, wearing an unclean garb, having a jewel only for her ornament, lamenting (profusely), devoted to her husband, waited upon by the Rakshasa females and seated on a stone and approached her and he, whom the gods, the demons, the Gandharvas, the Yakshas and the Kimpurushas could never conquer in battle, inflamed with lust, repaired to the Ashoka gardens.

दिव्याम्बरधरः श्रीमान् सुमृष्टमणिकुण्डलः। विचित्रमाल्यमुकुटो वसन्त इव मूर्तिमान्॥
Attired in a celestials garment, wearing a handsome appearance, adorned with jewelled ear-rings, decked with a beautiful garland and a crown and looking as (handsome as) the very embodiment of Spring.

न कल्पवृक्षसदृशो यत्नादपि विभूषितः। श्मशानचैत्यगुमवद् भूषितोऽपि भयंकरः॥
Being dressed carefully he looked as (beautiful as) the Kalpa tree. But with all his rich dress he appeared as terrible as a banian tree in the midst of a cremation ground.

स तस्यास्तनुमध्यायाः समीपे रजनीचरः। ददृशे रोहिणीमेत्य शनैश्चर इव ग्रहः॥
That night-ranger, approaching the slenderwaisted lady, looked like (the grim) planet Saturn before (the beautiful) Rohini.

स तामामन्त्र्य सुश्रोणी पुष्पकेतुशराहतः। इदमित्यब्रवीद् वाक्यं त्रस्तां रोहीमिवाबलाम्॥
Having greeted that lady of beautiful hips, terrified like a helpless doe, he (Ravana) smarting under the shafts of that god having the flower for his emblem, addressed her thus,

सीते पर्याप्तमेतावत् कृतो भर्तुरनुग्रहः। प्रसादं कुरु तन्वङ्गि क्रियतां परिकर्म ते॥
"Sita, you have favoured too much your husband up to this time. O lady of slender form, be now favourably disposed towards me. Let your person be well-dressed.

भजस्व मां वरारोहे महार्हाभरणाम्बरा। भव मे सर्वनारीणामुत्तमा वरवर्णिनी॥
O excellent lady, live under my protection and O fair, complexioned damsel, adorned with rich ornaments and dresses be the first lady among all the females (of my harem).

सन्ति मे देवकन्याश्च गन्धर्वाणां च योषितः। सन्ति दानवकन्याश्च दैत्यानां चापि योषितः॥
Many daughters of the celestials and the Gandharvas are in my household and I possess several daughters of the Danavas and the Daityas.

चतुर्दश पिशाचानां कोट्यो मे वचने स्थिताः। द्विस्तावत् पुरुषादानां रक्षसां भीमकर्मणाम्॥
as One hundred and forty millions Pishachas, twice many man-eating Rakshasas of terrible deed execute my commands.

ततो मे त्रिगुणा यक्षा ये मद्वचनकारिणः। केचिदेव धनाध्यक्षं भ्रातरं मे समाश्रिताः॥
And thrice as many Yakshas carry out my orders. Some only are under the sway of my brother (Kubera) the lord of wealth.

गन्धर्वाप्सरसो भद्रे मामापानगतं सदा। उपतिष्ठन्ति वामोरु यथैव भ्रातरं मम॥
O gentle lady gifted with fair thighs, the Gandharvas and the Apsaras attend upon me in my drinking hall as they do my brother.

पुत्रोऽहमपि विप्रर्षेः साक्षाद् विश्रवसो मुनेः। पञ्चमो लोकपालानामिति मे प्रथितं यशः॥
(Again) I am the son to that Brahmanic sage, the Muni Vishrava and am celebrated under the name of the fifth Lokapala (regent of the universe).

दिव्यानि भक्ष्यभोज्यानि पानानि विविधानि च। यथैव त्रिदशेशस्य तथैव मम भाविनि॥
O lady, I have as plenty of eatables, foods and drinks as the lord of the celestials himself.

क्षीयतां दुष्कृतं कर्म वनवासकृतं तव। भार्या मे भव सुश्रोणि यथा मन्दोदरी तथा॥
Let all your troubles of a forest life be over. O fair-hipped damsel, be my consort as Mandodari herself.

इत्युक्ता तेन वैदेही परिवृत्य शुभानना। तृणमन्तरतः कृत्वा तमुवाच निशाचरम्॥
Thus spoken to, the princes of Videha endued with a beautiful face, turning away (from Ravana) and considering him as something more insignificant than a straw thus replied to him.

अशिवेनातिवामोरूरजलं नेत्रवारिणा। स्तनावपतितौ बाला संहतावभिवर्षती॥ उवाच वाक्यं तं क्षुद्रं वैदेही पतिदेवता। असकृद् वदतो वाक्यमीदृशं राक्षसेश्वर॥ विषादयुक्तमेतत् ते मया श्रुतमभाग्यया। तद् भद्रसुख भद्रं ते मानसं विनिवर्त्यताम्॥
And that fair-hipped lady, the princess of Videha to whom her husband was as her god, drenching her solid breasts with copious flow of inauspicious tears which she incessantly shed, spoke these words to that mean wretch. “O lord of the Rakshasas, unfortunate as I am, I have been compelled to listen to such painful words repeatedly uttered by you. May you be blessed, you who take so much delight in sensual pleasure. Withdraw your mind (from me).

परदारासयलभ्या च सततं च पतिव्रता। न चैवोपयिकी भार्या मानुषी कृपणा तव॥
Being the wife of another and always attached to my husband I am not to be won over (by you). And this helpless woman cannot be a suitable wife to you.

विवशां धर्षयित्वा च कां त्वं प्रीतिमवाप्स्यसि। प्रजापतिसमो विप्रो ब्रह्मयोनिः पिता तव॥
What pleasure will you derive from violating an unwilling woman? Your father is equal to the lord of (all) creatures, a Brahmana and begotten of Brahma.

न च पालयसे धर्मं लोकपालसमः कथम्। भ्रातरं राजराजानं महेश्वरसखं प्रभुम्॥ धनेश्वरं व्यपदिशन् कथं त्विह न लज्जसे।
Being equal to a Lokapala why have you no regard for virtue! Dishonouring that king, your adorable brother, the lord of wealth and friend of Maheshvara how it is that you do not feel shame"?

इत्युक्त्वा प्रारुदत् सीता कम्पयन्ती पयोधरौ॥ शिरोधरां च तन्वङ्गी मुखं प्रच्छाद्य वाससा।
Saying (all) this, that lady of delicate limbs Sita, with her breasts and neck trembling (in emotion) and covering her face with her clothes, began to weep profusely.

तस्या रुदत्या भाविन्या दीर्धा वेणी सुसंयता॥ ददृशे स्वसिता स्रिग्धा काली व्यालीव मूर्धनि।
And while that fair lady was weeping, her long, well-woven, black and glossy, braid hanging down from her head looked like a black snake.

श्रुत्वा तद् रावणो वाक्यं सीतयोक्तं सुनिष्ठुरम्॥ प्रत्याख्यातोऽपि दुर्मेधाः पुनरेवाब्रवीद् वचः। काममङ्गानि मे सीते दुनोतु मकरध्वजः॥ न त्वामकामां सुश्रोणी समेष्ये चारुहासिनीम्।
Hearing those cruel words spoken by Sita, Ravana, of malicious intelligence, although thus rejected (by Sita) spoke to her these words again. "O Sita, let that god having the Makara for his emblem consume me. But O fair-hipped lady of sweet smiles, I will, by no means enjoy you against your will.

किं नु शक्यं मया कर्तुं यत् त्वमद्यापि मानुषम्॥ आहारभूतमस्माकं राममेवानुरुध्यसे॥
What am I able to do since you even to this day cherish Rama, who is but a man (and therefore) our food"

इत्युक्त्वा तामनिन्द्यागी स राक्षसमहेश्वरः। तत्रैवान्तर्हितो भूत्वा जगामाभिमतां दिशम्॥
Thus addressing that lady of faultless proportions, the lord of the Rakshasas vanished at that very spot and went whether he liked.

राक्षसीभिः परिवृता वैदेही शोककर्शिता। सेव्यमाना त्रिजटया तत्रैव न्यवसत् तदा।॥
And the princess of Videha weighed down with grief continued to dwell there, surrounded by Rakshasa women and kindly treated by Trijata.