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दानवा ऊचुः भोः सुयोधन राजेन्द्र भरतानां कुलोद्वह। शूरैः परिवृतो नित्यं तथैव च महात्मभिः॥
The Danavas said: O king of kings, O perpetuator of the Bharata race, O Duryodhana, you are always surrounded by heroes and illustrious men.

अकार्षीः साहसमिदं कस्मात् प्रायोपवेशनम्। आत्मत्यागी ह्यधो याति वाच्यतां चायशस्करीम्॥
Why have you then taken this rash step such as this vow of starvation? Suicide always leads (a man) to hell. It becomes the subject of calumnious speech.

न हि कार्यविरुद्धेषु बहुपापेषु कर्मसु। मूलघातिषु सज्जन्ते बुद्धिमन्तो भवद्विधाः॥
Intelligent men like you never engage in acts that are sinful and opposed to their best interests and which strike at the very root of their purposes.

नियच्छैनां म.। राजन् धर्मार्थसुखनाशिनीम्। यशः प्रतापवीर्यघ्नीं शत्रूणां हर्षवर्धनीम्॥
O king, therefore restrain your this resolve. It is destructive of morality, profit and happiness and of fame, prowess and energy. It enhances the joy of one's enemies.

श्रूयतां तु प्रभो तत्त्वं दिव्यतां चात्मनो नृप। निर्माणं च शरीरस्य ततो धैर्यमवाप्नुहि॥
O king, of lord, know the truth, the celestials origin of your birth and the make up of your body; and then assume patience.

पुरा त्वं तपसास्माभिर्लब्धो राजन् महेश्वरात्। पूर्वकायश्च पूर्वस्ते निर्मितो वलासंचयैः॥
O king, in the days of yore, we obtained you from Maheshvara by ascetic austerities. The upper part of your body is wholly made of Vajra (thunder).

अस्त्रैरभेद्यः शस्त्रैश्चाप्यधः कायश्च तेऽनघ। कृतः पुष्पमयो देव्या रूपतः स्त्रीमनोहरः॥
On sinless one, therefore it is invincible to weapons of every description. The lower part of your body, capable of captivating the female heart by its comeliness, was made of flowers by the goddess herself.

एवमोश्वरसंयुक्तस्तव देहो नृपोत्तम। देव्या च राजशार्दूल दिव्यस्त्वं हि न मानुषः॥
O foremost of kings, thus your body was created by Ishvara himself and the goddess. Therefore, O best of kings, your origin is celestials and not human.

क्षत्रियाच महावीर्या भगदत्तपुरोगमाः। दिव्यास्त्रविदुषः शूराः क्षपयिष्यन्ति ते रिपून्।॥
Other greatly powerful Kshatriyas headed by Bhagadatta, all learned in the celestials weapons, will kill your enemies.

तदलं ते विषादेन भयं तव न विद्यते। साहाय्यार्थं च ते वीराः सम्भूता भुवि दानवाः॥
Therefore there is not need for you grief. You have no cause for fear. In order to help you, many heroic Danavas have been born on earth.

भीष्मद्रोणकृपादींश्च प्रवेक्ष्यन्त्यपरेऽसुराः। यैराविष्टा घृणां त्यक्त्वा योत्स्यन्ते तव वैरिभिः॥
Other Asura will possess Bhishma, Drona and Karna and others. Possessed by the Asuras, those heroes will cast away their kindness and fight with your enemies.

नैव पुत्रान् न च भ्रातृन् न पितॄन् न च बान्धवान्। नैव शिष्यान् न च ज्ञातीन् न बालान् स्थविरान् न च।। युधि सम्प्रहरिष्यन्तो मोक्ष्यन्ति कुरुसत्तम। नि:स्नेहा दानवाविष्टाः समाक्रान्तेऽन्तरात्मनि॥
When the Danavas will enter their heart and completely possess them flinging all affection to a distance and becoming hard-hearted, those heroes will then strike every one opposed to them without sparing sons, brothers, fathers, friends, disciples, relatives, even children and old men.

प्रहरिष्यन्ति विवशा: स्नेहमुत्सृज्य दूरतः। हृष्टाः पुरुषशार्दूला: कलुषीकृतमानसाः। अविज्ञानविमूढाश्च दैवाच्च विधिनिर्मितात्॥ व्याभाषमाणाश्यान्योन्यं न मे जीवन् विमोक्ष्यसे सर्वे शस्त्रास्त्रमोक्षेण पौरुषे समवस्थिताः॥ श्लाघमानाः कुरुश्रेष्ठ करिष्यन्ति जनक्षयम्। तेऽपि पञ्च महात्मानः प्रतियोत्स्यन्ति पाण्डवाः॥
Blinded by ignorance and wrath and impelled by destiny which has been ordained by the creator, those foremost of men with hearts steeped in sin will. O foremost of the Kurus, depopulate the earth by hurling all kinds of weapons with great manliness and strength and always boastfully addressing one another with words such as these, “You will not escape from me today with life.” The five illustrious sons of Pandu will fight with these (heroes).

वधं चैषां करिष्यन्ति दैवयुक्ता महाबलाः। दैत्यरक्षोगणाश्चैव सम्भूताः क्षत्रयोनिषु॥ योत्स्यन्ति युधि विक्रम्य शत्रुभिस्त्व पार्थिव। गदाभिर्मुसलैः शूलैः शस्त्रैरुच्चावचैस्तथा॥
Possessing great strength and favoured by the fate, they would bring about the destruction of all. Many Daityas and Yakshas, that have been born in the Kshatriya order, will fight with great prowess in battle with your enemies using maces, clubs, lances and various weapons.

यच्च तेऽन्तर्गतं वीर भयमर्जुनसम्भवम्। तत्रापि विहितोऽस्माभिर्वधोपायोऽर्जुनस्य वै॥
O hero, as for the fear of Arjuna in your heart, we have already settled the means of killing Arjuna.

हतस्य नरकस्यात्मा कर्णमूर्तिमुपाश्रितः। तद् वैरं संस्मरन् वीर योत्स्यते केशवार्जुनौ॥
The soul of the killed Naraka has assumed the form of Karna. Recollecting. O hero, his former enmity, he will kill both Keshava (Krishna) and Arjuna.

स ते विक्रमशौटीरो रणे पार्थं विजेष्यति। कर्णः प्रहरतां श्रेष्ठः सर्वांश्चारीन् महारथः॥
That great car-warrior, that foremost of all wielders of weapons, proud of his prowess, will vanquish Arjuna in battle, as also all your enemies.

ज्ञात्वैतच्छद्मना वली रक्षार्थं सव्यसाचिनः। कुण्डले कवचं चैव कर्णस्यापहरिष्यति॥
The wielder of thunder (Indra), knowing all this and desirous of saving Savyasachi (Arjuna), will in disguise take away from Karna his ear-rings and armour.

तस्मादस्माभिरप्यत्र दैत्याः शतसहस्रशः। नियुक्ता राक्षसाश्चैव ये ते संशप्तका इति॥
We have therefore appointed hundreds upon hundreds and thousands upon thousand of Daityas and Rakshasas; they are known by the name of Samshaptakas.

प्रख्यातास्तेऽर्जुनं वीरं हनिष्यन्ति च मा शुचः। असपत्ना त्वया हीयं भोक्तव्या वसुधा नृप॥
These illustrious warriors will kill the heroic Arjuna. Do not therefore grieve. O king, you will rule the whole earth without a rival.

मा विषादं गमस्तस्मान्नैतत्त्वय्युपपद्यते। विनष्टे त्वयि चास्माकं पक्षो हीयेत कौरव॥
Do not give way to despondency. O descendant of Kuru, this conduct does not suit you. If you die, our party will become weak.

गच्छ वीर न ते बुद्धिरन्या कार्या कथञ्चन। त्वमस्माकं गतिर्नित्यं देवतानां च पाण्डवाः॥
O hero, go, you should never direct your mind in any other course. You are our refuge.

वैशम्पायन उवाच एवमुक्त्वा परिष्वज्य दैत्यास्तं राजकुञ्जरम्। समाश्वास्य च दुर्धर्षं पुत्रवद् दानवर्षभाः॥
Vaishampayana said : Having thus addressed him, the Daityas embraced that foremost of kings; and those best of the Danavas then cheered that irrepressible hero like a son.

स्थिरां कृत्वा बुद्धिमस्य प्रियाण्युक्त्वा च भारत। गम्यतामित्यनुज्ञाय जयमाप्नुहि चेत्यथ॥
O descendant of Bharata, cheering his mind by soft speeches, they permitted him to depart saying, “Go and attain victory."

तैर्विसृष्टं महाबाहुं कृत्या सैवानयत् पुनः। तमेव देशं यत्रासौ तदा प्रायमुपाविशत्॥
When they had given leave to the mighty armed one, (to-depart), that very goddess carried him back to the spot where he had sat down intent upon putting an end to his life.

प्रतिनिक्षिप्य त वीरं कृत्या समभिपूज्य च। अनुज्ञाता च राज्ञा सा तथैवान्तरधीयत॥
Having set that hero down and paid him homage, the goddess vanished with the king's permission.

गतायामथ तस्यां तु राजा दुर्योधनस्तदा। स्वप्नभूतमिदं सर्वमचिन्तयत भारत॥ विजेष्यामि रणे पाण्डूनिति चास्याभवन्मतिः।
O descendant of Bharata, when she disappeared, the king considered all this to be a dream. (He thought), “I shall defeat the Pandavas in battle."

कर्ण संशप्तकांश्चैव पार्थस्यामित्रघातिनः॥ अमन्यत वधे युक्तान् समर्थांश्च सुयोधनः।
Duryodhana considered that Karna and the Samshaptaka army were both able to kill that chastiser of foes Partha (Arjuna).

एवमाशा दृढा तस्य धार्तराष्ट्रस्य दुर्मतेः॥ विनिजये पाण्डवानामभवद् भरतर्षभ।
Thus was strengthened the hope of the wicked-minded son of Dhritarashtra, to conquer the Pandavas.

कर्णोऽप्याविष्टचित्तात्मा नरकस्यान्तरात्मना॥ अर्जुनस्य वधे क्रूरां करोति स्म तदा मतिम्।
O foremost of Bharatas, Karna also, his soul and mind possessed by Naraka and influenced by the qualities of emotion and darkness, became cagerly desirous of killing Falguni (Arjuna).

संशप्तकाच ते वीरा राक्षसाविष्टचेतसः॥ रजस्तमोभ्यामाक्रान्ता: फाल्गुनस्य वधैषिणः।
Thus those Shanshaptaka various being surrounded by monsters came under sheer infuence of Rajas and Tamas property and intedned to kill Arjuna.

भीष्मद्रोणकृपाद्याश्च दानवाक्रान्तचेतसः॥ न तथा पाण्डुपुत्राणां स्नेहवन्तो विशाम्पते। न चाचचक्षे कस्मैचिदेतद् राजा सुयोधनः॥
Bhishma, Drona, Kripa and others, their mind possessed by the Danavas. O king, were not so affectionate towards the Pandavas as they were before. The king Suyodhana did not tell this to any one.

दुर्योधनं निशान्ते च कर्णो वैकर्तनोऽब्रवीत्। स्मयन्निवाञ्जलिं कृत्वा पार्थिवं हेतुमद् वचः॥
At the end of the night, the son of the sun, Karna, thus smilingly spoke to Duryodhana with joined hands.

न मृतो जयते शत्रूञ्जीवन् भद्राणि पश्यति। मृतस्य भद्राणि कुतः कौरवेय कुतो जयः॥
“No dead man can conquer his foes, it is when he is alive that he can see his good. Where is the good of the dead person and O descendant of Kuru, where is his victory?

न कालोऽद्य विषादस्य भयस्य मरणस्य वा। परिष्वज्याब्रवीच्चैनं भुजाभ्यां स महाभुजः॥
Therefore this is no time for grief or fear or death.” Having with his arms embraced that mighty armed hero,

उत्तिष्ठ राजन् किं शेषे कस्माच्छोचसि शत्रुइन्। शत्रुन् प्रताप्य वीर्येण स कथं मृत्युमिच्छसि॥
He further said, "O king, rise up. Why do you lie down? O slayer of foes, why do you wish to die?

अथवा ते भयं जातं दृष्ट्वार्जुनपराक्रमम्। सत्यं ते प्रतिजानामि वधिष्यामि रणेऽर्जुनम्॥
Fear has possessed you at the sight of Arjuna. I truly promise to you that I will kill Arjuna in battle.

गते त्रयोदशे वर्षे सत्येनायुधमालभे। आनयिष्याम्यहं पार्थान् वशं तव जनाधिप॥
O ruler of men, I swear by my weapons that when thirteen years have passed away, I will bring the sons of Pritha under your subjection."

एवमुक्तस्तु कर्णेन दैत्यानां वचनात् तथा। प्रणिपातेन चाप्येषामुदतिष्ठत् सुयोधनः॥
Having been thus addressed by Karna and having (also) remembered the words of the Daityas and the supplications made by (his brothers), Duryodhana rose up.

दैत्यानां तद् वचः श्रुत्वा हदि कृत्वा स्थिरां मतिम्। ततो मनुजशार्दूलो योजयामास वाहिनीम्॥ रथनागाश्वकलिला पदातिजनसंकुलाम्। गगौघप्रतिमा राजन् सा प्रयाता महाचमूः॥
Having heard the words of the Daityas, that foremost of men with a firm resolve in his heart arrayed his army full of horses, elephants, chariots and foot soldiers. O king, as it moved on like the waters of the Ganga.

श्वेतच्छत्रैः पताकाभिश्चामरैश्च सुपाण्डुरैः। स्थैर्नागैः पदातैश्च शुशुभेऽतीव संकुला॥ व्यपेताभ्रघने काले द्यौरिवाव्यक्तशारदी।
With numerous white umbrellas and pennons and white Chamaras and chariots and elephants and foot soldiers that great army, as is moved on like the waters of the Ganga looked as beautiful as the sky at a season when the clouds have been dispersed and the signs of autumn have been but partially developed.

जयाशीभिर्द्विजेन्द्रैः स स्तूयमानोऽधिराजवत्॥ गृहणन्नञ्जलिमालाश्च धार्तराष्ट्रो जनाधिपः। सुयोधनो ययावचे श्रिया परमया ज्वलन्।॥
O king of kings, eulogised as a monarch by the foremost of Brahmanas who all prayed for his victory, that king, Suyodhana, the son of Dhritarashtra, received honours paid to him by innumerable men) with joined hands.

कर्णेन सार्धं राजेन्द्र सौबलेन च देविना। दुःशासनादयश्चास्य भ्रातरः सर्व एव ते॥ भूरिश्रवाः सोमदत्तो महाराजश्च बाह्निकः। स्थैर्नानाविधाकारैर्हयैर्गजधरैस्तथा॥ प्रयान्तं नृपसिंहं तमनुजग्मुः कुरूद्वहाः। कालेनाल्पेन राजेन्द्र स्वपुरं विविशुस्तदा॥
Blazing in great splendour he went in front (of the army) accompanied by Karna, Subala's son, the gambler (Shakuni), Dushashana and all his other brothers, Bhurishrava, Somadatta, the great king Bahlika followed that foremost of kings with various sorts of chariots, horses and excellent elephants. O foremost of kings, within a short time all those perpetuators of the Kuru race entered their own city.