The colloquy between Draupadi and Satyabhama

वैशम्पायन उवाच मार्कण्डेयादिभिर्विप्रैः पाण्डवैश्च महात्मभिः। कथाभिरनुकूलाभिः सह स्थित्वा जनार्दनः॥ ततस्तैः संविदं कृत्वा यथावन्मधुसूदनः। आरुरुक्षू रथं सत्यामाह्वयामास केशवः॥
Vaishampayana said : The slayer of Madhusudana Keshava Janardana (Krishna), having talked on various agreeable topics with the illustrious Pandavas and with the Brahmanas headed by Markandeya and then having bade them all farewell, ascended his chariot and called for Satyabhama.

सत्यभामा ततस्तत्र स्वजित्वा दुपदात्मजाम्। उवाच वचनं हृद्यं यथाभावं समाहितम्॥
Satyabhama then embracing Draupadi spoke these cordial words to her expressive of her feelings towards her.

कृष्णे मा भूत् तवोत्कण्ठा मा व्यथा मा प्रजागरः। भर्तृभिर्देवसंकाशैर्जितां प्राप्स्यसि मेदिनीम्॥
"O Krishna, (Draupadi) let there be no anxiety and no grief for you. You have no cause to pass your nights in sleeplessness, for you will surely obtain back the earth subjugated by your husbands who are all equal to the celestials.

न ह्येवं शीलसम्पन्ना नैवं पूजितलक्षणाः। प्राप्नुवन्ति चिरं क्लेशं यथा त्वमसितेक्षणे॥
O black and beauty, women having such disposition and possessing such auspicious marks (as you have) can suffer misfortune for a long time.

अवश्यं च त्वया भूमिरियं निहतकण्टका। भर्तृभिः सह भोक्तव्या निर्द्वन्द्वेति श्रुतं मया।॥
It has been heard by me that you will with your husbands enjoy without any doubt this earth in peace and free from all thorns. never

धार्तराष्ट्रवधं कृत्वा वैराणि प्रतियात्य च। युधिष्ठिरस्थां पृथिवीं द्रक्ष्यसि दुपदात्मजे॥
O daughter of Draupada, when the sons of Dhritarashtra have been all destroyed and severe vengeance has been taken for their hostility, you will certainly see the earth ruled by Yudhishthira.

यास्ताः प्रव्रजमानां त्वां प्राहसन् दर्पमोहिताः। ता: क्षिप्रं हतसंकल्पा द्रक्ष्यसि त्वं कुरुस्त्रियः॥
You will soon see those wives of the Kurus, who, deprived of sense by pride, laughed at you when you were coming away in exile, themselves placed in a state of hopelessness and despair.

तव दुःखोपपन्नाया यैराचरितमप्रियम्। विद्धि सम्प्रस्थितान् सर्वांस्तान् कृष्णे यमसादनम्॥
O Krishna, know that those who do you any injury when you are in distress are already gone to the abode of Yama,

पुत्रस्ते प्रतिविन्ध्यश्च सुतसोमस्तथाविधः। श्रुतकर्मार्जुनिश्चैव शतानीकश्च नाकुलिः॥
Your brave son Prativindhya, Sutasoma and Shrutakarman by Arjuna and Shatanika by Nakula and Shrutasena by Sahadeva are all skillful heroes and experts in weapons.

सहदेवाच्च यो जातः श्रुतसेनस्तवात्मजः। सर्वे कुशलिनो वीराः कृतास्त्राश्च सुतास्तव॥ अभिमन्युरिव प्रीता द्वारवत्यां रता भृशम्। त्वमिवैषां सुभद्रा च प्रीत्या सर्वात्मना स्थिता।॥ प्रीयते तव निर्द्वन्द्वा तेभ्यश्च विगतज्वरा। दुःखिता तेन दुःखेन सुखेन सुखिता तथा॥
With Abhimanyu they are all living in Dvarka, much delighted with the place. Subhadra cheerfully and with her whole heart looks after them as you yourself used to do. Like you she takes great delight in them and derives much happiness from them. She grieves in their grief's and joys in their joys.

भजेत् सर्वात्मना चैव प्रद्युम्नजननी तथा। भानुप्रभृतिभिश्चैनान् विशिनष्टि च केशवः॥
The mother of Pradyumna also loves them with all their heart. Keshava (Krishna) with his sons Bhanu and others watches over them with special affection.

भोजनाच्छादने चैषां नित्यं मे श्वशुराः स्थितः। रामप्रभृतयः सर्वे भजन्त्यन्धकवृष्णयः॥
My mother-in-law is ever attentive in feeding and clothing them. All the Anddhakas and Vrishnis with Rama and others love them very much.

तुल्यो हि प्रणयस्तेषां प्रद्युम्नस्य च भाविनि। एवमादि प्रियं सत्यं हृद्यमुक्त्वा मनोऽनुगम्॥ गमनाय मनश्चक्रे वासुदेवरथं प्रति। तां कृष्णां कृष्णमहिषी चकाराभिप्रदक्षिणम्॥
O beautiful lady, their affection for your sons is equal to what they feel for Pradyumna." Having said these agreeable, truthful and delighting and cordial words, Satyabhama desired to go to the chariot of Vasudeva (Krishna). The wife of Krishna then walked round Krishna (Draupadi).

आरुरोह रथं शौरेः सत्यभामाथ भाविनी। स्मयित्वा तु यदुश्रेष्ठो द्रौपदी परिसान्त्व्य च। उपावर्त्य ततः शीघैर्हयैः : प्रायात् पुरं स्वकम्॥
The beautiful Satyabhama then ascended the chariot of Krishna. The chief of the Yudus (Krishna) comforted Draupadi with a smile; and then asking the Pandavas to return to their house), he started for his own city with swift horses.