None: Chapter 191

Command to Yudhishthira

मार्कण्डेय उवाच ततश्चोरक्षयं कृत्वा द्विजेभ्यः पृथिवीमिमाम्। वाजिमेधे महायज्ञे विधिवत् कल्पयिष्यति॥
Markandeya said : Then exterminating all robbers, he (Kalki) will duly give away this earth at a great horsesacrifice to the Brahmanas.

स्थापयित्वा च मर्यादाः स्वयम्भुविहिताः शुभाः। वनं पुण्ययश:कर्मा रमणीयं प्रवेक्ष्यति॥
Having established the blessed rectitude ordained by the Self-create (Brahma), that doer of virtuous and renowned deeds will then enter a charming forest.

तच्छीलमनुवय॑न्ति मनुष्या लोकवासिनः। विप्रैश्चोरक्षये चैव कृते क्षेमं भविष्यति॥
The people of the earth will imitate his conduct. When thieves and robbers will be exterminated by the Brahmanas, there will be again prosperity (on earth).

कृष्णाजिनानि शक्तीश्च त्रिशूलान्यायुधानि च। स्थापयन् द्विजशार्दूलो देशेषु विजितेषु च॥
When the countries will be (all) subjugated, that foremost of Brahmanas, having cast away the deer-skins, lances and tridents and other weapons.

संस्तूयमानो विप्रेन्द्रर्मानयानो द्विजोत्तमान्। कल्की चरिष्यति महीं सदा दस्युवधे रतः॥
Showing his reverence for the excellent twice-born ones was engaged in killing the thieves. That Kalki, will rove over the earth being adored by the foremost of Brahmanas.

हा मातस्तात पुत्रेति तास्ता वाचः सुदारुणाः। विक्रोशमानान् सुभृशं दस्यून् नेष्यति संक्षयम्॥
The heart-rending cries of "O father," "O mother" "O son", will rise when he will exterininate the thieves and robbers.

ततोऽधर्मविनाशो वैधर्मवृद्धिश्च भारत। भविष्यति कृते प्राप्ते क्रियावांश्च जनस्तथा॥
O descendant of Bharata, when at the appearance of the Krita Yuga sin will thus be completely destroyed and virtue will flourish men will again be engaged in religious rites.

आरामाश्चैव चैत्याश्च तटाकावसथास्तथा। पुष्करिण्यश्च विविधा देवतायतनानि च।॥
Well-planted gardens, sacrificial grounds, large tanks, Vedic schools and colleges, ponds and temples will (all) reappear every where; various sacrifices will also begin to be performed at the appearance of the Krita age.

यज्ञक्रियाश्च विविधा भविष्यन्ति कृते युगे। ब्राह्मणाः साधवश्चैव मुनयश्च तपस्विनः॥
Brahmanas will be honest and good. Being devoted to asceticism, they will be Rishis.

आश्रमा हतपाखण्डाः स्थिता: सत्यरताः प्रजाः। जनिष्यन्ते च बीजानि रोप्यमाणानि चैव ह॥
The hermitages occupied by the wicked wretches will once more be the homes of men devoted to truth. Men in General will begin to honour and practise truth. All seeds sown on earth will grow.

सर्वेष्वृतुषु राजेन्द्र सर्वं सस्यं भविष्यति। नरा दानेषु निरता व्रतेषु नियमेषु च॥
O king of kings, every kind of crop will grow in every season. Men will devotedly practice charity, vows and religious rites.

जपयज्ञपरा विप्रा धर्मकामा मुदा युताः। पालयिष्यन्ति राजानोधर्मेणेमां वसुन्धराम्॥
The Brahmanas, devoted to meditation and sacrifices will be of virtuous soul an cheerful disposition. The kings will virtuously govern the earth.

व्यवहाररता वैश्या भविष्यन्ति कृते युगे। षट्कर्मनिरता विप्राः क्षत्रिया विक्रमे रताः॥
In the Krita Yuga, the Vaishyas will devote themselves to trade, the Brahmanas will be devoted to their six duties and the Kshatriyas will be devoted to the display of prowess.

शुश्रूषायां रताः शूद्रास्तथा वर्णत्रयस्य च। एषधर्मः कृतयुगे त्रेतायां द्वापरे तथा॥
The Shudras will be devoted to the service of the other three orders. Such will be the Dharma in Krita, Treta and Dvapara Yugas.

पश्चिमे युगकाले च यः स ते सम्प्रकीर्तितः। सर्वलोकस्य विदिता युगसंख्या च पाण्डव॥
O son of Pandu, I have now narrated to you everything. I have told you the periods embraced by the several Yugas, that which is known to all.

एतत् ते सर्वमाख्यातमतीतानागतं तथा। वायुप्रोक्तमनुस्मृत्य पुराणमृषिसंस्तुतम्॥
Thus have I now told you everything appertaining to both the past and the future as narrated by Vayu in his own Purana adored by the Rishi.

एवं संसारमार्गा मे बहुशश्चिरजीविना। दृष्टाश्चैवानुभूताश्च तांस्ते कथितवानहम्॥
Immortal as I am, I have many times seen and ascertained the courses of the world. I havo now told you all that I have seen and felt.

इदं चैवापरं भूयः सह भ्रातृभिरच्युत। धर्मसंशयमोक्षार्थं निबोध वचनं मम॥
O undeteriorating one, hear now my words with your brothers relating some thing else to clear your doubts about religion.

धर्मे त्वयाऽऽत्मा संयोज्यो नित्यंधर्मभृतां वर। धर्मात्मा हि सुखं राजन् प्रेत्य चेह च नन्दति॥
O foremost of virtuous men, O king, you should always fix your soul on virtue; for, virtuous-minded men obtain bliss both here and hereafter.

निबोध च शुभां वाणी यां प्रवक्ष्यामि तेऽनघ। न ब्राह्मणे परिभवः कर्तव्यस्ते कदाचन॥ ब्राह्मणः कुपितो हन्यादपि लोकान् प्रतिज्ञया।
O sinless one, listen to the auspicious words that I tell you (now). You should never huiniliate a Brahmana for a Brahmana, if angry, can destroy the three worlds by his vows.

वैशम्पायन उवाच मार्कण्डेयवचः श्रुत्वा कुरूणां प्रवरो नृपः॥ उवाच वचनं धीमान् परमं परमद्युतिः।
Vaishampayana said : Having heard these words of Markandeya, the foremost of the Kurus, the greatly intelligent and highly effulgent king (Yudhishthira) spoke these words of wisdom.

कस्मिन् धर्मे मया स्थेयं प्रजा: संरक्षता मुने॥ कथं च वर्तमानो वैन च्यवेयं स्वधर्मतः।
Yudhishthira said : ORishi, if I am to protect my subjects, what course of action must I follow? How should I behave, so that I may not fall away from the duties of my order?

मार्कण्डेय उवाच दयावान् सर्वभूतेषु हितो रक्तोऽनसूयकः॥
Markandeya said : Be king to all creatures and be devoted to their good. Love all without hating anyone.

सत्यावादी मृदुर्दान्तः प्रजानां रक्षणे रतः। चरधर्मं त्यजाधर्मं पितृन् देवांश्च पूजय॥
Be truthful, be self-controlled, be ever engaged in protecting your subjects. Practise virtue and avoid sin and worship the Pitris and he celestials.

प्रमादाद् यत् कृतं तेऽभूत् सम्यग् दानेन तज्जया अलं ते मानमाश्रित्य सततं परवान् भव॥
Whatever you have done from ignorance, expatiate it by giving away in charity. Abandoning pride, always possess humility.

विजित्य पृथिवीं सर्वां मोदमानः सुखी भव। एषे भूतो भविष्यच्चधर्मस्ते समुदीरितः॥
Conquering all the world, remain in joy and be happy. This is the course of conduct that accords with the rules of virtue. This is and this was what is considered as virtue.

न तेऽस्त्यविदितं किञ्चिदतीतानागतं भुवि। तस्मादिमं परिक्लेशं त्वं तात हृदि मा कृथाः।।२७।
Therefore, O child, do not be aggrieved by your this present calamily. There is nothing past of future that is not known to you.

प्राज्ञास्तात न मुह्यन्ति कालेनापि प्रपीडिताः। एष कालो महाबाहो अपि सर्वदिवौकसाम्॥ मुह्यन्ति हि प्रजास्तात कालेनापि प्रचोदिताः। मा च तत्र विशङ्काभूद् यन्मयोक्तं तवानघ॥
O child, the wise men are never be overwhelmed when they are persecuted by Time. O mighty-armed hero, Time rises superior even to the dwellers of heaven. O child, time afflicts all creatures. O sinless one, let not doubt come into your mind regarding what I have told you.

आशङ्कय मद्वचो ह्येतद्धर्मलोपो भवेत् तवा जातोऽसि प्रथिते वंशे कुरूणां भरतर्षभ॥
If doubt comes to your mind, your virtue will be destroyed. O best of the Bharata race, you are born in the celebrated Kuru dynasty.

कर्मणा मनसा वाचा सर्वमेतत् समाचार।
You should practise in thought, in word and in deed that which I have told you.

युधिष्ठिर उवाच यत् त्वयोक्तं द्विजश्रेष्ठ वाक्यं श्रुतिमनोहरम्॥ तथा करिष्ये यत्नेन भवतः शासनं विभो। न मे लोभोऽस्ति विप्रेन्द्र न भयं न च मत्सरः॥ करिष्यामि हि तत् सर्वमुक्तं यत् ते मयि प्रभो।
Yudhishthira said: foremnost of Brahmanas, the words which you have spoke to me are sweet to hear. O lord, I shall carefully follow them at your command. O foremost of Brahmanas, I have neither avarice, nor lust, nor fear, nor pride. O lord, I shall act according to what you have told me.

वैशम्पायन उवाच श्रुत्वा तु वचनं तस्य मार्कण्डेयस्यधीमतः॥ संहृष्टाः पाण्डवा राजन् सहिताः शाईधन्वना। विप्रर्षभाच ते सर्वे ये तत्रासन् समागताः॥
Vaishampayana said : Having heard the words of the intelligent Markandeya. O king, the Pandavas became exceedingly glad along with the wielder of the (bow) Sharnga (Krishna) and with all those foremost of Brahmanas and with all those that were there.

तथा कथां शुभां श्रुत्वा मार्कण्डेयस्यधीमतः। विस्मिताः समपद्यन्त पुराणस्य निवेदनात्॥
Having heard the blessed words of the ancient history told by the intelligent Markandeya, they were (all) filled with astonishment.