AJAGARA PARVA: Chapter 176

The departure of Lomasha

जनमेजय उवाच तस्मिन् कृतास्त्रे रथिनां प्रवीरे प्रत्यागते भवनाद् वृत्रहन्तुः। अतः परं किमकुर्वन्त पार्थाः समेत्य शूरेणधनंजयेन॥
Janamejaya said : On the return of that best of the car-warriors from the abode of the slayer of Vitra (Indra) being skilled in arms, what did the Parthas do in company with the heroic Dhananjaya.

वैशम्पायन उवाच वनेषु तेष्वेव तु ते नरेन्द्राः सहार्जुनेनेन्द्रसमेन वीराः। तस्मिंश्च शैलप्रवरे सुरम्ये धनेश्वराक्रीडगता विजह्वः
Vaishampayana said : Those foremost of men, brave as Indra, together with Arjuna, sported in the pleasuregardens of the lord of wealth (situated) in those forests on that excellent and beautiful mountain.

वेश्मानि तान्यप्रतिमानि पश्यन् क्रीडाश्च नानादुमसंनिबद्धाः। चचारधन्वी बहुधा नरेन्द्रः सोऽस्त्रेषु यत्तः सततं किरीटी॥
Beholding those peerless abodes and pleasure-gardens interspersed with trees, Kiriti, the foremost of men, with a relish for arms and bow in hand, ranged at large (among) those (woods).

अवाप्य वासं नरदेवपुत्राः प्रसादजं वैश्रवणस्य राज्ञः। न प्राणिनां ते स्पृहयन्ति राजन् शिवश्च कालः स बभूव तेषाम्॥
O monarch, those sons of a king, having obtained a residence through the favour of king Vaisravana, did not long for the prosperity of earthly creatures, (in as much as) that period (of their lives) was (quite) a blessing (to them).

समेत्य पार्थेन यथैकरात्र मूषुः समास्तत्र तदा चतस्रः। पूर्वाश्च षट् ता दश पाण्डवानां शिवा बभूवुर्वसतां वनेषु॥
In company with Partha they lived there for four years which appeared to them (short) as a single night. The former six years and these four together numbering ten of their forest life glided smoothly away.

ततोऽब्रवीद् वायुसुतस्तरस्वी जिष्णुश्च राजानमुपोपविश्य। यमौ च वीरौ सुरराजकल्पावेकान्तमास्थाय हितं प्रियं च॥
Then (once upon a time) seated before the king (Yudhishthira), the intrepid son of Vayu (the wind-god), together with Vishnu and the heroic twins, resembling the king of the celestials, spoke in private these sweet and beneficial words.

तव प्रतिज्ञां कुरुराज सत्यां चिकीर्षमाणास्तदनु प्रियं च। ततो न गच्छाम वनान्यपास्य सुयोधनं सानुचरं निहन्तुम्॥
"O king of the Kurus, in order to make your promise bear fruit and to further your interests, we are not going to slay Suyodhana together with (all) his followers.

एकादशं वर्षमिदं वसाम: सुयोधनेनात्तसुखाः सुखार्हाः। मज्ञातवासं सुखमाप्नुयाम॥ तवाज्ञया पार्थिव निर्विशङ्का विहाय मानं विचरन् वनानि। समीपवासेन विलोभितास्ते ज्ञास्यन्ति नास्मानपकृष्टदेशान्॥
In spite of our being deprived by Suyodhana of the happiness we deserve, we have been (hitherto happily) dwelling (in the woods) these eleven years. And hereafter too, O monarch, at your command, wandering in the forests regardless of our position, we shall easily spend the period of our incognits life, deluding that being of wicked mind and character. And (Suyodhana) being tempted by our residence in the neighbourhood will not be inclined to believe that we have removed to a distant country.

संवत्सरं तत्र विहृत्य गूढं नराधमं तं सुखमुद्धरेम। निर्यात्य वैरं सफलं सपुष्पं तस्मै नरेन्द्राधमपूरुषाय॥ सुयोधनायानुचरैर्वृताय ततो महीमावसधर्मराज। स्वर्गोपमं देशमिमं चरद्भिः शक्यो विहन्तुं नरदेव शोकः॥
There O king, remaining in concealment for one year and (then) wrecking our vengeance on that worst of mortals, Suyodhana as well as his followers, we shall root out that vilest being (like a thorn) and regain our kingdom after the overthrow of our enemies. Therefore, O foremost of the virtuous, come down on earth. O king of mortals, if we continue to dwell in this country resembling heaven itself, we shall be able to forget our grief's.

कीर्तिस्तु ते भारत पुण्यगन्धा नश्येद्धि लोकेषु चराचरेषु। तत् प्राप्य राज्यं कुरुपुङ्गवानां शक्यं महत् प्राप्तुमथ क्रियाश्च॥
But then, O Bharata, the sacred fragrance of your fame will disappear from (both) the mobile and the immobile worlds; (for) regaining the kingdom of the most exalted of the Kurus, you will be able to perform glorious deeds.

इदं तु शक्यं सततं नरेन्द्र प्राप्तुं त्वया यल्लभसे कुबेरात्। कुरुष्व बुद्धिं द्विषतां वधाय कृतागसां भारत निग्रहे च॥
In that case, O monarch, you will always have what we already obtained from Kubera. (Therefore), O Bharata, direct your thoughts towards the punishment and destruction of your guilty enemies.

तेजस्तवोग्रं न सहेत राजन् समेत्य साक्षादपि वज्रपाणिः। न हि व्यथं जातु करिष्यतस्तौ समेत्य देवैरपिधर्मराज॥ तवार्थसिद्ध्यर्थमपि प्रवृत्ती सुपर्णकेतुश्च शिनेश्च नप्ता। तथैव कृष्णोऽप्रतिमो बलेन तथैव चाहं नरदेववर्य॥
(For), O king, even the wielder of the thunderbolt himself cannot bear the burnt of your fiery prowess. And O foremost of the virtuous, he, having Suparna for his mark, Krishna and the grandson of Shini Satyaki, both bent on your welfare, will not feel any pain even when fighting the gods themselves. As Arjuna is unrivalled in prowess, so am I, O monarch.

तवार्थसिद्ध्यर्थमभिप्रपन्नो यथैव कृष्णः सह यादवैस्तैः। तथैव चाहं नरदेववर्य यमौ च वीरौ कृतिनौ प्रयोगे॥
And, O king, as Krishna together with the Yadavas is eager for your welfare so am I. The twins also are brave and skilled in arms, (And) we, whose chief object consists in the advancement of your wealth and prosperity, encountering your enemies in battle, will kill them."

त्वदर्थयोगप्रभवप्रधानाः शमं करिष्याम परान् समेत्य।। वैशम्पायन उवाच ततस्तदाज्ञाय मतं महात्मा तेषां चधर्मस्य सुतो वरिष्ठः॥ प्रदक्षिणं वैश्रवणाधिवासं चकारधर्मार्थविदुत्तमौजाः। आमन्त्र्य वेश्मनिः नदी: सरांसि सर्वाणि रक्षांसि चधर्मराजः॥
Vaishampayana said : Then, knowing the intention of their (his brothers) the high-souled and excellent son of Dharma, versed in (the science of) religion and profit and possessed of great energy, went round the abode of Vaisravana. And Dharmaraja, greeting the places, rivers lakes and all the Rakshasas,

यथागतं मार्गमवेक्षमाणः। पुनर्गिरि चैव निरीक्षमाणः। ततो महात्मा स विशुद्धबुद्धिः सम्प्रार्थयामास नगेन्द्रवर्यम्॥
Looked at the route which he had taken before. Then that high-souled and pure-minded being, looking at the mountain prayed to that prince of mountains, saying,

र्जित्वा सपत्नान् प्रतिलभ्य राज्यम्। शैलेन्द्र भूयस्तपसे जितात्मा द्रष्टा तवास्मीति मतिं चकार॥
“Having performed my task, conquered my enemies and recovered my kingdom, may I, O lord of mountains, together with my friends, behold you again, for performing asceticism with subdued mind."

वृतश्च सर्वैरनुजैर्द्विजैश्च तेनैव मार्गेण पतिः कुरूणाम्। उवाह चैतान् गणशस्तथैव घटोत्कचः पर्वतनिर्झरेषु॥
(And) when surrounded by all his brothers and the Brahmanas, the lord of the Kurus proceeded along the former path, he was carried across the mountain waterfalls by Ghatotkacha with his followers.

तान् प्रस्थितान् प्रीतमना महर्षिः पितेव पुत्राननुशिष्य सर्वान्। स लोमशः प्रीतमना जगाम दिवौकसां पुण्यतमं निवासम्॥
(And) when they were about to start (on their journey) the great sage, Lomasha, gave them instructions as a father gives to his own sons and then went to the most sacred region of the celestials.

स्तीर्थानि रम्याणि तपोवनानि। महान्ति चान्यानि सरांसि पार्थाः सम्पश्यमानाः प्रययुनरावयाः॥
Similarly advised by Arshtishena those foremost of men, the Parthas, proceeded along, beholding (on the way) various great and beautiful Tirthas (sacred places resorted to by pilgrims).